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Jingo loved battle. He loved the adrenaline that pulsed through his veins, provoking his seterusnya attack, and the moment that came before his enemies
crumpled beneath him. He craved it.
    He led his pack forward. He would finally find Ruban's litter and he would gladly kill each and every one of them. They were not young and helpless
anymore like he preferred, but he would still have no problem disposing of them on this raid. His pack had searched the mountains for Ruban's pack for many
moons, but were always unsuccessful, but finally they found the camp and would dispose of...
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    Ruby knew it had een many days since she set off on her own. How many exactly, she wasn't so sure, but as of now, it was many. It wasn't peaceful
being alone because the silence scared her. Was the silence caused sejak watchful, pretatory eyes? She always looked behind her, fearing Jingo would be there.
She knew she could not outrun them forever. They had to be on her trail sejak now, but how far were they behind? Days? Hours?
    This was no way to live, wasting away in the hollow shell of her fears. It needed to end. She almost wished she could jsut confront...
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Ruby feared Russet's words lebih than anything. Each time she heard the single dislodging of a pebble rolling down the mountain she would whirl
around, paralized with fear as she expected Jingo atau some of his followers. She recalled all the stories she was told about Jingo; how his paws used to be gray as
stone but they were stained red sejak the blood of his victoms and made them permanetely red. She also remembered how Jingo's eyes were pale silver like they
captured the light of the moon to fix an icy stare to his enemies, as cold and beautiful as moonlight itself. Besides his appearance, Ruby...
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Russet was alone, but he knew that soon they would come once again to press him for information he would never reveal. He slept little in the chamber
where Jingo held him prisoner, and his ribs showed through his dull red fur. The Makanan that was provided was scarcely enough to calm his hunger, and with every
passing hari he felt weaker and could hardly find the strength to stand. Yet Russet kept to his oath.
    They came again. Two of them, Jingo and Sylph. Their long shadows that mived across the cave dinding acknowledged their presence and Russet narrowed
his eyes.
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Ruby wanted to go out on a hunt lebih than anything. Never before had she been able to run with the pack after prey, to howl with them after a
successful hunt, atau feel the satisfaction that she hunted to feed her pack. She wanted to feel that lebih than anything. It would not be a much longer wait she
knew, but she remained impatient all the same. Only when the Pack Leader, Scarlet approved she was old enough would she be allowed to hunt with the pack.
    Moons had passed since she first left the den. She was born in early summer and now the cold winds of winter were already...
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If anda Cinta Serigala like I do, I must recommend the book The SIght to anda sejak David Clement Davies. It is 464 pages and really is an ancient serigala, wolf fantasy. It take splace in ancient Transylvania where a pack of Serigala live.

One of the Serigala gives birth to Larka and Fell. According to an ancient verse, a white serigala, wolf born beneath the istana, castle would possess the Sight. She did.

The Serigala are on the run from enemy Serigala now, and Larka is helpless when it comes to learning about the Sight. Also, the verse says that unless her loving family protects her, she will not survive through the darkness. The pack dwindles witha curse that is killing them off, and she must rely on the Sight to bring peace at last to the free Serigala in the valley.

This book has a lot of death in it, but the ending was really good, and it is a must-have for wolflovers. It is very realistic in looking out on the world from the point of view from wolves. Pick it up and have a look if you're interested.
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As anda all probably already know, I live to put words on paper. My first words were "Can anda sharpen my pencil?" Well, not really. lol. Anyway, here is what I have going on so far storywise.
I would like to tell anda guys a little about Racing. I started it a few months lalu and am currently on page 93. I am just starting part 2. It is about an island of wild Kucing that secretly protect the world from demons. I am so proud of it so far. I have put a lot of thought into that story, and I can only hope that it will be famous someday.
Howl of a serigala, wolf is another book on my waiting list. I finished the...
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Many seasons ago, Jingo had searched for a pack after his birthpack had driven him away. He was looking for a pack not only to join, but he hoped
of leading it too. And that was when the ominous prophecy came that would forever send him in panic.
    Jingo knew how powerful he was, and no serigala, wolf could stand a chance against him in a fight. He marched into unfamilar terriory, marking it as his own.
After making his presence known, the Serigala of the mountain pack were aware and they made it clear they didn't want him here. He stayed over the seterusnya few
days, also making it clear to...
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The battle ended when Jingo stepped out of the nursery entrance. With the death of their leader, the pack had surrendered instantly. Jingo looked
across the clearing with satisfaction. A few lebih of them had also died and their bodies were scattered across the clearing, but the live ones were huddled
against a large boulder with Darque and Sylph surrounding them in case any of them tried to resist.
    Jingo thrust himself ke hadapan and studied each terrified serigala, wolf unsympathetically, carelessly shoving Darque aside. Red pelts, perhaps
black along with young age. Those were the...
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A single serigala, wolf came into camp. He was dreadfully thin. Ruby could see that even from where she stood on surveylance. He walked with a limp, and his
steps were tiring like he couldn't find the strength to take another step. He looked horrible and Ruby's hati, tengah-tengah tightened with instant sympathy for him. He didn't
look like he could hurt anyone, let alone be any sort of threat.    Suddenly he looked her way before she had time to slide back out of sight. Ruby stood stock still,
watching him, and he watched her back.
    Then the russet-colored serigala, wolf layed down...
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Ruby was born on the darkest of nights. On the night Keera gave birth to Ruban's litter Ruban and Russet went off to face Jingo and never returned.
Little did she know that on that night her father was killed in a vicious duel and his most loyal deputy was taken prisoner sejak Jingo's pack. Keera believed that for
that reason, Ruby was the only one of her litter to survive.
    She had four decent pups, three of them with Ruban's reddish brown fur, and one that was black as night and that was Ruby herself. One died on the
same night it was born, to weak to survive while the other...
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Ruban was dead. The great leader he had looked up to since he was born lay before him. Russet could not believe it, and he stood there stiff with horror
and disbelief.
    Jingo pushed Ruban aside like he was no lebih than the Bones of a piece of prey he was done toying with and howled, a long, blood-curdling howl to
celebrate his victory. The sound made Russet feel sick inside and he rushed over to his fallen leader to be with him before his spirit went away to the unknown.
He hesitated when he approached but slunk ke hadapan at a crawl and bowed his head before Ruban to pay his...
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Jingo was a large gray serigala, wolf who bore the wounds of countless battles. His paws were reddish brown in color like they were permanately stained from
the blood of his victoms. He advanced ke hadapan toward Ruban from the mouth of the dark den, limping slightly which he paid no care to hide. There was no
doubt Jingo was only proving to him that he was Pack Leader, not a serigala, wolf to be messed with. The rest of his pack fanned out behind him, snarling at the two
intruders who came to challenge their leader.
    Ruban noticed that most of them also bore wounds and ugly scars inflicted upon...
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