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MTahmisian berkata …
Today the critically acclaimed, award winning Season 5 began. telah diposkan ·23 jam lalu
jlhfan624 berkata …
24 is still my kegemaran thing in the entire universe. 24 IS my universe. It's my identity, who I am. 2018 will mark seventeen years of its existence and my devotion. I wish I could rewind to 2001 and begin the tunjuk with fresh eyes all over again. telah diposkan ·5 hari lalu
MTahmisian dikomen…
I wish I could rewind to a tahun lalu and view it with fresh eyes. That would be an amazing gift. I'm proud to embrace 24 as my identity too. Anyone should be. ·4 hari lalu
MTahmisian berkata …
Happy Birthday to Michelle Forbes (Lynne Kresge) and seventeen years since Ep. 7 of Season 1 premiered. telah diposkan ·8 hari lalu