90210 90210: THAT'S ENOUGH!

vanszerelem posted on Apr 25, 2012 at 02:32AM
Ok. I’m devastated. What the hell is wrong with the writers of this show??! There’s only one explanation: THEY’VE GONE INSANE!!!!!

I needed to make a hard decision, but the writers pushed me and i can’t take it anymore. This show sucks. Everything turned upside down and it’s getting worse. So i quit it.
They ruined all the good couples, started with Lannie and finished with Dixon and Ade.
Just think about it: Liam+Annie, Naomi+Max, Navid+Silver, Dixon+Ade, Ivy+Raj. WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED WITH THESE AMAZING ROMANCES?????! WHAAAT?!

Annie became a hooker and after that she hooks up with a priest.
They turned a perfectly likeable character (Silver) into the biggest whore ever. And now she is even pregnant with a bastard.
Naomi is about to get married with a guy who has absolutely zero feelings for her.
Adrianna is hooking up with Austin, who is her friend’s ex-boyfriend. Not even mentioning that they’ve just broken up with Dixon whom she supposed to be in love with.
Liam was a fucking idiot through the whole season. He totally lost his character.
The storyline is just awful too. There’s no great loves or friendships, excitement, schemes, turning points, build-ups…etc., it’s either annoying or boring. It’s bringing me down. :(
Do I have to say more?? I don’t think so.

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hampir setahun yang lalu Brylannie said…
I'm totally with you.
hampir setahun yang lalu Crazy_LA_FAN said…
I'm with you! This show ran out of imagination. All it does- creates annoying crap no one likes.