90210 Inside Tip "Meet 90210 & Gossip Girls Cast April 7th, 2011 Woodbury, NY"

robbpop posted on Apr 03, 2011 at 02:47AM
There is a Sweet 16 at Crest Hollow Country Club in Woodbury, NY on Friday April 7th & cast members of the WB hit TV shows will be making appearances. This is not just a rumor it is fact. It is a surprise so there will not be crowd control & you can get upclose. Keep it a secret only tell close friends.

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hampir setahun yang lalu sdd1993 said…
I have seen this before robbpop posted this because he is invited to the sweet 16 and when he gets there he is hoping that 90210 fans will be outside the country club and then what he will do is pick the one who will pay him the most money to go to the party with him. He will pretend to the host that you are a friend of his and you will literally become a guest at the sweet 16 so when the actors arrive you will be able to meet them and get autographs and get pictures with them. The host has photographers and everything else so that you do not have to bring a thing they will take the picture of you and the actor and give it to you. If you really want to get in bring money, girls dress up and look pretty (not sluty) and if you are not around the age 16 you have to try to look like you are. Dress the way a 16 yr old would dress at a sweet 16. I went with a friend of mine and she paid $500 and attended the party. She was only 12 yrs old and dress up and she did and has pictures to prove it!!!

hampir setahun yang lalu robbpop said…
yeah that is what i am ging to try and do but you don't have to be a girl but you do have to look like you would be a friend of mine and i don't plan on having you there for the whole time unless you give me a lot of $$$ otherwise I was going to let as many people as I can in either at once or I will go outside and bring in new people maybe let the other ones hang out or have them leave when i bring new people in. i am not the only one who is doing it.