90210 What was your favourite part of the episode: 5x07, "99 Problems."

Pick one:
Annie/ Riley Scenes!
Annie/Riley Scenes!
Annie/ Dixon Scenes!
Annie/Dixon Scenes!
Annie/ Liam Scene!
Annie/Liam Scene!
Liam and his bodyguard/ crazy stalker!
Liam and his bodyguard/crazy stalker!
Liam/ Silver Scenes!
Liam/Silver Scenes!
Naomi/ Max Scenes!
Naomi/Max Scenes!
Dixon/ Adrianna Scenes!
Dixon/Adrianna Scenes!
Adrianna and Ne- Yo&# 39; s performances!
Adrianna and Ne-Yo's performances!
Adrianna/ Silver Scene!
Adrianna/Silver Scene!
Bryce/ Naomi/ Max Scenes!
Bryce/Naomi/Max Scenes!
The group scenes!
The group scenes!
I missed Navid.
I missed Navid.
Nothing. Didn&# 39; t like the episode.
Nothing. Didn't like the episode.
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