I just adore her
This artikel about my 5 kegemaran Tv shows Pelakon wanita and why I think they are good in acting. It's my oppinion so if anda think other order write it in comments

1. Nina Dobrev(The Vampire Diaries)
This Pelakon wanita is my favorite, because she's very good playing two roles in one time(Elena Gilbert/ Katherine Pierce). We have to say that her character Katherine is one of kegemaran in this show. But we can't forget other character Elena, whose are too very good in show(well she's my favorite). Nina is very sweet, kind, funny and beautiful. She deserved to be on this senarai top, but this is my oppinion.

2. Candice Accola(The Vampire Diaries)
Well she's really great actresses. I just like her, because she's always interesting in her role. She could play a lovely, innocent, girly women and that time angry, confident vampire, that make her character(Caroline Forbes) favorite. She's one of the best nowadays Tv shows actresses.

3.Katie Cassidy(Supernatural/Gossip Girl)
I first time saw her in my kegemaran Tv tunjuk Supernatural(as Ruby) and I just really like her in that character. She was good playing different character in every show. I really like her too in Gossip Girl where she play revengeful sister(Juliet Sharp) whose brother was sent to jail. She's good in all roles no matter she's demon atau just really revengeful women she's always good and be most people kegemaran that why she's in my list.

4. Leighton Meester(Gossip Girl)
I really adore her like actresses. Why? Simply because of her character in Gossip Girl(Blair Waldorf). Her Berlakon in this tunjuk are best, she's mine kegemaran in that show. She's good Berlakon ambitious girl, who will do everything that she get what she want no matter what she will hurt. That make her amazing.

5. Sarah Michelle Gellar(Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Ringer)
Well I like her from the first time I saw her in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, that time she was my kegemaran and I think she was best in that show. Now she playing in new Tv tunjuk Ringer(don't see it yet) I heared that she play very good. She can be throughout, that she is very very good actresses. I like her no matter it's movie atau tv show. She definetly deserved be in this bahagian, atas 5.

I write my bahagian, atas 5 in komen write your bahagian, atas 5 maybe some will fit like mines. I hope anda like this artikel but it's only my personal oppinion
#1 Nina Dobrev(The Vampire Diaries)
#2 Candice Accola(The Vampire Diaries)
#3 Katie Cassidy(Supernatural/Gossip Girl)
#4 Leighton Meester(Gossip Girl)
#5 Sarah Michelle Gellar(Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Ringer)