To those who don't know me, I'm isabellagirl033 and I'm here to express my opinion and declare a statement that has been in my mind for a long time:
"Modern Pelakon wanita Will Never Achieve The Grace Of Classic Actresses"
There I berkata it, something many say but dont elaborate. There are many people who think that the modern era of Pelakon wanita is better and I dont mean to offend them in any way. I happen to think that the beauty and decency of classic actress is unbeatable and will explain why so.

Note: I dont mean to bash modern Pelakon wanita in any way possible. In fact, most of my favourite Pelakon wanita happen to be part of the modern era.

1. Classic Pelakon wanita Are Modest

I do not mean to say the being modest will determine whether a person is good atau not but what I mean to say is a true beauty doesnt need to flash her skin to everyone to attract attention. The reason I believe that modesty is so important is that a person's dignity is most sensitive and dressing immodestly means that the person doesnt care at all about his atau her dignity. Modesty is not about hiding your body from the world but to tunjuk the world how much of a decent dignified person anda really are. Look at Grace Kelly back then in her beautiful modest mint-green gaun she wore at the Oscars and look at what Miley Cyrus wore in the most baru-baru ini VMA's. I think it is quite easy to see the difference and tell which one is better.

2. Classic Pelakon wanita Have Natural Beauty

In these days, almost every actress depends on botox for her beauty and has probably had plastic surgery once in her Berlakon career. A marvelous fact about classic Pelakon wanita is that they could manage to look beautiful without using any of the anti-aging factors used today sejak many.
Plastic surgery is risky business and anda might be unhappy with the result. Look what plastic surgery did to Joan Rivers. Though few of the modern Pelakon wanita are all-natural but the majority happen to get botox injections. Heavy makeup only makes a person look gaudy and nothing conquers natural beauty. The below picture shows Janet Leigh, who never had plastic surgery and Jennifer Aniston, who had a nose job and is a user of botox. Still in my opinion, Janet Leigh is better looking.

3. Modern Pelakon wanita Are Copy-Cats

Almost every look that the modern Pelakon wanita don, a similar one has been worn sejak a classical actress. The beauty and grace of modern actress was such that modern Pelakon wanita cant help but copy it. To make a true fashion statement, the look must be original and new which is seldom seen nowadays. Copying is not a great virtue but a bad one as it doesnt require any effort but to simply swipe an old look. A great example of modern Pelakon wanita copying classic Pelakon wanita is Marilyn Monroe, who left behind such a great legacy that it is still being copied on red carpet,photoshoots,TV and in Filem as seen below.

4. Classic Pelakon wanita Are lebih Inspiring

A fact that I'm pretty sure of is that a sane mother would very much prefer Shirley Temple to be her daughter's role model rather than Selena Gomez atau Miley Cyrus atau Britney Spears. Classic Pelakon wanita have inspired a whole generation of girls with their amazing wadrobe and decent manner. Nowadays several TV series tunjuk young girls dressed in revealing attire such as crop tops and short shorts which sends a very bad message to girls. Many young Pelakon wanita have been charged with drug abuse for example Lindsey Lohan, Miley Cyrus etc. something anda wuld rarely see back in the Golden Age. Classic Pelakon wanita send better messages to their peminat-peminat as seen in the below picture which compares each of the sayings of Grace Kelly and Cameron Diaz. I guess it is pretty easy to spot which is lebih sensible.

Thank anda for sparing time to read my thoughts!
Hasta La Vista!