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Lol. If that isn't true.
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(Back to where we left off then)
Princess Bubblegum: Finn do something!
Finn: Okay... FP come here!
Flame Princess: No Finn I'm not 13 anymore you're not my father
Finn: We will help anda find your father
(Flame Princess shrinks back to her normal size)
Flame Princess: Really Finn will you?
Finn: Of course my lady
(Flame Princess giggles)
(They go to the Flame Kingdom)
Flame Guard: Halt!
Flame Princess: I'm the Queen let me in!
Flame Guard: Not anymore the King is ruler again
(Flame Princess is so angry she uses flame sword and beats up the guards)
Flame Princess: Go now!
(They enter)
Flame King: Flame Princess!...
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ok soo we all know that princess bubble gum is over a illion years old so why when she made her dopple ganger for bracko it looked exactly like her even though the real PB is over 1 million years old wouldent she look different over the years because the character skips from regular tunjuk ( if anda watch adventure time than anda must watch regular tunjuk its a requirement ) so post what anda think in the komen-komen oh and if u think anda know lebih about adventure time than me than just send me a soalan and i will answer it
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