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Yes Beta Is here of last stand. It's being released 27th of Dec So yeah, any last minit wishes. Notify me :P
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What does everyone think of me?
Just a girl made of flames?
A monster?
Well I'm better than that!
I'm a Flame Queen I will do what I must to complete my goals and try to stop anything in my path!
I may seem evil but I hide a secret good side in me.
I can be good.
I won't be a monster.
I won't be a freak.
No not anymore.
I'm a Flame Queen loyal to my kingdom!
I will be amazing!
A good girl like my father wanted me to be.
Like my... mother would want me to be.
Like Finn would want me to be...

Why do I hurt the ones I love?
Is it my nature?
My power?
I don't know glob tell me!
I just wish I could control myself.
I'm a Flame Queen I burn and hurt everything I touch.
I'm sorry Finn.
I'm sorry everyone...
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