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How do i deal with this the right way?

Okay, i have such a problem. It might not be very big to anda but to me, it is huge! I have to older sisters. I adore my older sister. My oldest sister is just a b****. I know i shouldn't call her that but at times, she is. Since i won't say her name, i will call my older sister Hannah and my oldest sister Mary. Mary is just so disrespectful. She clams that she loves us, but i can tell that she really doesn't. She isn't afraid to argue with anyone. She has slapped both Hannah and i across the face and claimed it to be an accident. Whenever i try to talk to her about a serious issue, she will just argue and swear at me under her breath. I feel like just slapping her right across the face as hard as i can. However, i know that is not right and i will get in serious trouble. What should i do? How do i deal with her when she acts so b*****?
 Shazza15 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Catherine51197 said:
Hey, it's me & I read that it's all about me. I tried discussing my life's problems/issues, but remember, anda argued with me about it. I know I'm a b**** & I'm not proud of it, but it's just my way of dealing with my struggles. I also know I may be a little bit disrespectful sometimes on occasions (not a lot though), but like I said, I'm just trying to figure out my relationship with God & my personal identity; so would anda just please back off & LEAVE ME ALONE!!
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posted hampir setahun yang lalu 
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