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Am I bisexual? Please help..

Okay. So just about less than a tahun ago, I started questioning my sexuality. I am a female, only at the age of 12. I know some people are going to say that I'm too young to think about these types of things.. But I can't stop worrying myself about it. I have liked boys in the past, never once I have liked a girl. In fact I have a boyfriend right now. Everyone calls me and my best friend lesbian, because we hug, we still have sleep overs, we still do little kid stuff. We are both tomboys. And sadly, ppl think because we are tomboys, we are lesbian. Even though I have a boyfriend, and my best friend likes a boy. Like I was saying I have never liked a girl. But I just can't help but think; "if I had a girlfriend that loves me. I would be so happy" I Cinta gay, bisexual, and lesbian ppl. There personality makes my day. They have a wonderful sense of humor, and I admire their confidence. And the biggest signs I have had is, well I actually had a dream where my best friend came out to me as lesbian, and we started dating. And now.. I feel like I could tarikh my best friend if I had a crush on her. But I still really like my boyfriend. So I guess what I need to know is.. Am I bisexual? If so, how do I come out to my parents and friends.. Without them saying I'm to young to make my own decisions. And even worse, my father is religious. Baptist. Please help.
 BoboZed posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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sarabeara said:
The only way you're bisexual is if anda are actually attracted to women...which anda don't seem to be. Unless anda have seen a girl and thought about Ciuman her atau wanting to be romantic with her, anda probably aren't attracted to girls. anda literally say "I have never liked a girl" and "never once I have liked a girl." It really doesn't get lebih clear cut than that. Obviously you're straight.

To break down the other stuff anda wrote:
- Loving LGBT people doesn't make anda one of them, it makes anda an ally. Believe it atau not, straight people and gay/bi people can get along!!! anda don't have to be one of them to like them.
-Tomboy ≠ lesbian/bisexual. How anda dress doesn't define who anda are and the stereotype that all Lesbian must be butch is hurtful. Lesbian can wear merah jambu skirts and heels! And straight girls can wear jeans and leather jackets! OMG CRAZY RIGHT?? It's almost as if the concept of masculine clothing vs. feminine clothing was entirely created sejak society and means nothing about who we are as people!!!!
-Having a dream about dating your female best friend is normal and means nothing. Dreams don't mean anything. I repeat: DREAMS DON'T MEAN ANYTHING. Freud was a total crock. You're gonna get older and have all sorts of sex dreams about the most Rawak people. Doesn't mean anda actually want to have sex with all of them.
-Even if anda were bisexual, that wouldn't mean anda would have to dump your boyfriend and immeditaely start dating girls. Because you'd still be attracted to men. Can't believe it's 2016 and I still have to explain simple stuff like this. Sigh.

Long story short: unless anda find yourself attracted to a girl, you're not bisexual. Just seems like you're trying to be bisexual when you're not.
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posted hampir setahun yang lalu 
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