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 Alex with a greek dancer in ESC 2010 backstage
Alex with a greek dancer in ESC 2010 backstage
eurovision song contest 2010
Триумфатор "Евровидения-2009" Александр Рыбак прилетел в Москву и встретился с подругой, которую за время песенного конкурса в мае успели окрестить его русской возлюбленной.

У очевидцев этой встречи не осталось сомнений, которыми окружили эту парочку после "Евро": здесь действительно не обходится без чувств.

С 20-летней Аней, стройной...
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Alexander turned out to be so far from his motherland due to his father. in 1990, at the age of 36, having left his wife Nataliya with little Sasha, the father had all of a sudden decided not to return from a tour to his native Belorus. he had only a violin and a suitcase with clothes.

from another point of view Igor's decision could seem strange.He had a loving family, a loving job, a pair of rooms in a communal flat. as it is said, he lived no worse than the rest.

but in those times things on the Motherland went bad. rather good wages were reduced sejak inflation. In 3 years afer coming to Norway...
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...<i would like to come on tour in Russia. not only because i have won EUROVISION there, but also because a girl that i like very much lives there.
i have never been popular with the girls and still be so. although I got thousands sms with declarations of Cinta ! i don't mean peminat-peminat love, i mean real feelings.there always have been guys that were lebih popular with the girls than me, maybe because i was interested in music, didn't want to dress and have my hair cut according to the fashion, make tatoos and body piercing.
and now i am still dressing very common. and i like nice and timid girls...
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“Anything lebih beautifully than Moscow did not see”

— Who plays a violin, that, as a rule, well owns a guitar.

— Truly, both Igor, and Alexander perfectly play a guitar. In the house at them author's songs — Gorodnitsky, Nikitinyh, Berkovsky, Vizbor constantly sound. Igor itself writes fine songs.

— Often musicians happen the ninnies who have been physically not developed sejak people. That anda will not tell about the senior and younger Rybaks.

— Igor — the inveterate traveller. I remember, on the first officer money I have bought to it in a gift a rubber boat. So it has passed...
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