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Alice mainly plays a supporting role in Eclipse. She is bribed sejak Edward with a canary yellow Porsche 911 Turbo (like the one she mencuri in New Moon) to "kidnap" Bella so she won't go to La Push to visit Jacob. She doesn't seem to think that a treaty with the La Push Serigala Jadian is bad. It is revealed she can use her power to predict the movements of her opponent in battle. She fights the newborn army created sejak Victoria with the majority of the Cullens and the werewolves, although Jasper doesn't let her do anything out of fear for her safety. anda can see her relationships with Bella and Edward grow throughout this book. Alice is one of Bella's best Friends and during Bella's punishment for leaving to go to Italy, Alice is liked sejak Charlie and doesn't have any limitations for visiting, unlike Edward.
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As morning dawned, I turned to look outside. It wasn’t sunny but definitely not rainy. We couldn’t hold the hope of going to the town to see Charlie today. As I gazed outside, Bella came in front of me with Nessie in her hand.
“Ready to go see our family?”
I smiled. “We cannot be here without them, can we?” She smiled back too. She looked dazzling when she smiled. A few rays of sunlight which managed to come through the clouds, made her skin sparkle. I touched her hand and felt its smooth texture. Then I took Nessie form her...
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