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Alice in Wonderland (2010) Soalan

Cheshire Cat Follow-up soalan in Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland: Zutara, your jawapan are very helpful, thank you, but it just makes me think lebih about how Chess was very altered from the original books. soalan continued in optional section...

If in Burton's Alice the Cheshire Cat can shapeshift into any form he wants, couldn't he shapeshift into the Jabberwock itself? Because I thought, according to the Adventures and Through the Looking Glass, that Chess didn't have any fighting powers, making it odd to get upset at him for fleeing in the face of danger when he just isn't a being who can fight, making it pointless to call him a coward. But if he can shapeshift, why would he need to be a coward and why can't he just defeat any other being in Wonderland? It was implied since the first book that Chess might be immortal, because he isn't bound sejak the corporeal contraints that make violence work on him - eg. he can't be beheaded and nothing can "hit" him. But in Burton's movie, it looks like he isn't only immortal but is closer to being omnipotent than anyone else in Wonderland. So...how does that square with depicting him as a coward as well? Sorry if this is convoluted, I'm just a Cheshire Cat peminat and I wondered what Cheshire Cat burton wanted to create for his movie. It makes little sense to me within the movie's logic itself atau the logic of Carroll/Dodgson's Cheshire Cat.
 AquilesElHeleno posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Alice in Wonderland (2010) Jawapan

deathroman13 said:
This is a very interesting soalan and also the longest soalan I have seen on here.
I have never thought about this actually.

I think burton made Cheshire lebih a passive creature who tries not to intervene with the troubles of others. I think this is also the reason why he didn't fight back. Cheshire is lebih observant than someone who takes actions.
I personally don't think he is meant to be a coward in the movie but Tarrant called him a coward because of his passive behaviour.
Cheshire also says he never gets involved with politics, making it lebih clear that he is lebih a observant type.

Personally I think Cheshire is the most powerful creature of all because he can also imitate others and of course shapeshift. Maybe that's why he has a very good reason to stay on the 'backline'.
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posted hampir setahun yang lalu 
Your response makes sense but I still don't get what burton was aiming at. The buku make Chess look powerful in the sense that he can evaporate, though he never shapeshifts, meaning he is invulnerable, but not necessarily able to just kill anyone like drinking a glass of water. However, both the the buku and Burton's movie tunjuk that Chess wants to help Alice - in the movie he helped the Hatter too. So why not just become the Red Queen's bodyguard and off her with little effort? Also, I thought burton meant him to be a coward for the fact that he could help, if he really can shapeshift, but nonetheless disappears right at the final battle, scaring the March arnab who hid behind him but can't evaporate. Why do that and why help people but only a little when he could do what Alice does on his own. burton made Chess able to end the movie in two minit if he felt like.
AquilesElHeleno posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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