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This is an All My Children and House crossover peminat fiction I do not own All My Children it belongs to ABC and House belongs to FOX. Also AMC peminat-peminat in this story David does not know about his child with Amanda. House peminat-peminat Cuddy is not with Lucas and doesn’t have Rachel. Sorry if this disappoints anyone I hope anda will still read and enjoy the story. Reviews are love. Enjoy!

All My Doctors

Chapter 1: New Head of Cardiology

Dr. Lisa Cuddy sat in her office at eight o’clock Monday morning quietly reviewing over some notes and other paperwork. She was very anxious about seeing her newest employee...
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Monday August 30:

David wants to know what’s upsetting Madison.

David considers destroying the evidence he has against Greenlee.

Scott and JR argue.

JR wants to give Colby a job.

Madison is even lebih on Greenlee's side after her run-in with David.

Liza won't help Kendall.

Tuesday August 31:

Caleb asks Krystal to attend Palmer’s party with him.

Marissa and JR break the news to AJ about their divorce.

Angie has another visual disorientation attack.

Scott worries JR won't make AJ a priority.

Annie sneaks off to meet JR.

Fire breaks out at Wildwind.

Wednesday September 1:

Miranda is rushed to the...
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Monday October 25:

Annie gives Madison Nasihat on relationships.

Ryan tells Madison that he might have actually killed David.

Zack tells Kendall he must stay away to keep her safe.

Tuesday October 26:

Madison considers her future with Ryan after he confesses his Cinta for Greenlee on the stand.

Greenlee realizes she can’t api, kebakaran Jackson.

Kendall calls Zach out on having difficulty letting her in.

Wednesday October 27:

Encore of the August 31, 2004 episode will air.

Ryan confesses his Cinta for Greenlee.

Maria tells Zach she is committed to her marriage.

Kendall vents to Ethan about Greenlee and...
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Monday June 7:

Scott threatens the blogger.

Annie taunts JR.

Liza pays someone to seduce Damon.

Tuesday June 8:

David and Jake are taken down to the PVPD.

Ryan and Greenlee share a moment.

Amanda and Greenlee crash the bachelor party.

Liza takes over when melati, jasmine can't get the job done.

Damon takes Liza home.

Wednesday June 9:

Greenlee makes a confession about Erica.

Angie collapses.

Jake and Amanda get married.

Thursday June 10:

Tad and Liza kiss.

Krystal and Jackson sertai forces to find Erica.

Angie reassures Jesse she is feeling fine.

Friday June 11:

Damon is frustrated about Colby’s change of...
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Monday January 3:

Erica reflects on the tahun 2010.

Kendall becomes dangerously unwell.

Erica makes a confession to Caleb.

Tuesday January 4:

Caleb and JR share a rare moment.

Madison changes her mind about Greenlee’s offer.

JR assures Annie that as soon as it’s possible they will go public with their relationship.

Wednesday January 5:

Kendall and Griffin grow closer.

Greenlee continues to worry about Madison.

Ryan tells JR he better treat Annie right.

Thursday January 6:

Kendall continues to feel threatened sejak David.

Damon tries to mend Colby’s strained relationship with her mother.

Marissa warns...
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Monday February 8:

Erica gets a surprise visitor.

David turns the tables on Ryan.

Greenlee wants to break Ryan’s hati, tengah-tengah the same way he broke hers.

Tuesday February 9:

Erica takes advantage of Opal’s psychic powers.

Erica decides to break things off with Ryan.

Ryan’s surprised sejak Erica’s change of heart.

Wednesday February 10:

Jack can’t believe that Greenlee’s alive.

David pushes Ryan’s buttons.

Colby gets the goods on Annie.

Thursday February 11:

David assures Greenlee that Ryan will play right into their hands.

Jesse suspects David’s bride to be could also be his partner in crime.

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Monday April 11:

Asher gets himself in trouble and needs Caleb’s help.

Kendall opens up to Ricky.

Bad karma seems to be surrounding Jackson and Erica’s wedding.

Kendall tells Jesse about the missing drugs.

Ricky reassures Kendall.

Asher realizes Caleb was heading to the wedding uninvited.

Tuesday April 12:

Angie encourages Jesse not to quit his job.

Maya wants a job at the Chandler mansion.

Iris comes down hard on Jesse.

Wednesday April 13:

Caleb declares his Cinta and asks Erica to take a chance with him.

Ricky admits to Jackson that he has feelings for Kendall.

Ricky works to get Kendall’s...
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Monday April 26:

Annie plots her seterusnya move.

David wants to get even with Ryan.

JR struggles with whether to tell Marissa the truth.

Tuesday April 27:

Scott comes to JR’s rescue.

Liza gives Annie Adam’s divorce papers.

Amanda’s unnerved sejak her obsessed fan.

Wednesday April 28:

Liza warns Damon to stay away from Colby.

Annie makes it clear to JR that she’s calling the shots.

Jake comes up with a plan to unmask Amanda’s stalker.

Thursday April 29:

Damon may discover the truth about him and Tad.

Ryan secretly rides to Madison’s rescue.

Jack and Erica make a decision about their future.

Friday April...
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Monday May 16:

Asher is severely injured.

Griffin contemplates killing Ricky.

Caleb thanks JR for being there for him.

Griffin tends to some patients.

There's tension between Bianca and Ricky.

Bianca tells Marissa about Erica.

Tuesday May 17:

Erica’s captor takes things to a new level.

Jackson confesses to Ciuman Krystal.

Ricky proposes to Kendall.

Wednesday May 18:

Kendall works to get Ricky to open up to her.

Erica’s family and Friends are among Erica’s captor.

Greenlee brings Emma to the hospital to see her sister.

Thursday May 19:

Greenlee agrees to give Scott a loan.

Caleb agrees to let...
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Monday May 9:

Jake falls and goes unconscious.

Ricky gets physical with Kendall.
Amanda confides in Opal.

Griffin saves Kendall.

Cara visits the little girl whose parents she upset.

AJ defends Miranda.

Tuesday May 10:

Tad admits to JR that his feelings for Cara are growing.

Ricky continues to plot his elopement with Kendall.

Marissa sticks up for Bianca.

Jake recalls his wedding to Amanda and Cara.

Cara bonds with Kathy and Jenny.

Griffin befriends a group of teenage boys at the house.

Wednesday May 11:

Jack and Krystal kiss.

David reaches out to Greenlee.

Erica tries to call for help.

Thursday May...
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Monday February 21:

Amanda admits to Tad that she called the feds on Cara.

Marissa agrees to help rehabilitate David.

David denies knowing anything about Emma’s disappearance.

Tuesday February 22:

Tad and Cara become engaged.

Liza tells Colby she slept with Damon.

Madison asks Greenlee for financial help.

Wednesday February 23:

Jackson confronts Erica over issues that are affecting their relationship.

Asher admits to Colby he already knew the truth about Liza.

Erica realizes she needs to resign from Cortlandt Electronics.

Thursday February 24:

Kendall gets a message from Zack.

Jake lets out his anger towards Amanda.

Tad tells Damon that Colby knows his secret.

Friday February 25:

Ryan, Greenlee and JR head to Montreal to find Annie.

Scott convinces Madison to alih in with him so they can perpecahan, berpecah the rent.

Ricky steals part of Zack’s letter before Kendall can read it.
Monday September 13:

Someone comes clean to Kendall and Bianca about his/her misdeeds.

Marissa tries to help a child in need.

The autopsy results reveal the cause of death.

Marissa and JR argue about Scott.

Asher does some digging for JR.

Liza wants to use Colby's statements in court.

Tuesday September 14:

A doctor's job at the hospital is in jeopardy.

A vial is found inside someone’s jaket pocket.

Krystal soalan Caleb about the nature of his relationship with Erica.

AJ hides after hearing his parents argue.

Family and Friends rally around Angie.

Caleb avoids answering Krystal.

Wednesday September...
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Monday March 7:

JR lays into Colby for the video she telah diposkan online.

Tad convinces Jesse to be his best man.

Amanda soalan Jake on what he plans to do with Cara’s wedding ring.

Diana uses Spike.

Jake catches Griffin in the medical supplies.

Ricky tells Diana he's got dirt on Griffin.

Tuesday March 8:

JR tells Marissa he wishes he could turn back the clock.

Cara confronts Amanda for turning her into the feds.

Kendall gives Cara a memento for her wedding.

Wednesday March 9:

Amanda talks to Agent Trumbull.

Madison finds out the sex of her baby.

Ryan makes a plea to Annie.

Thursday March 10:

Randi calls...
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Monday September 27:

Ryan asks Greenlee if she killed David.

JR gets information on Asher and realizes he’s closer to the family than he thought.

Bianca calls Caleb out on missing Erica.

Marissa overhears JR and Asher.

Annie & Scott and Amanda & Jake go on a double date.

Zach leaves a message for Kendall.

Tuesday September 28:

JR confronts Asher on his true identity.

Madison reassures Randi that Frankie is just a friend.

Kendall snaps.

Caleb denies JR's request.

Madison tells Randi about her relationship with Ryan.

Ryan fills Madison in on Greenlee forging the letters.

Wednesday September...
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Monday August 9:

Annie begs JR not to tell anyone about Scott stealing Palmer’s idea.

Marissa becomes upset after seeing JR and Annie alone together.

Kendall goes to see Ryan at the hospital.

Greenlee uses work to avoid David.

Ryan turns to Jake for help.

Tuesday August 10:

Encore Episode of General Hospital featuring Brenda Barrett.

Wednesday August 11:

Jake tells Greenlee that Ryan has taken a turn for the worse.

Marissa says she must leave JR.

Caleb senses something’s wrong with Krystal.

Thursday August 12:

Jesse asks for his job back.

David goes to Liza for help in blackmailing Greenlee.

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Monday July 12:

Marissa learns Annie has been hired as the PR rep for Chandler Enterprises.

Krystal reassures Jackson that Erica loves him.

Colby looks for evidence that Damon might be cheating.

Erica opens up to Jack about her time on the mountain.

Erica decides to severe ties with Caleb.

Tad doesn't believe Liza.

Tuesday July 13:

Erica makes an admission to Caleb.

Frankie's job may be in jeopardy.

Greenlee discovers she’s not invited to her father’s wedding.

Wednesday July 14:

Ryan helps a drunken Greenlee.

Angie has another visual disorientation attack.

Thursday July 15:

Caleb kisses Erica....
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Monday March 14:

Amanda overhears Tad telling Jake that she needs to grow up.

Madison admits to Ryan that he is the baby’s father.

Greenlee hides the fact that she knew about Madison’s pregnancy from Ryan.

Angie and Jesse choose godparents for their baby.

Ryan wants to be there for Madison.

Amanda wonders what she has to do to be forgiven.

Tuesday March 15:

Madison calls Greenlee out on trying to steal her idea.

Erica makes it clear to Caleb that she is committed to Jackson.

Colby sends out another video from her webcam.

Wednesday March 16:

Kendall, Bianca and Marissa bond over being mothers....
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Monday March 15:

David makes a deal with Adam.

Jack has an intriguing proposal for Erica and Greenlee.

Tad tells Damon about his history with Hillary.

Tuesday March 16:

Battle lines are drawn between Erica and Greenlee.

Greenlee’s reunited with David.

Tad tries to spare Liza’s feelings.

Wednesday March 17:

David has trouble hiding his feelings for Greenlee.

Angie lets Damon off the hook.

Ryan has a trick up his sleeve.

Thursday March 18:

Liza’s heartbroken over Tad’s actions.

Annie’s paranoia over Brooke increases.

David has a serious warning for Adam.

Friday March 19:

David tells Adam what Annie’s...
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Monday July 5:

Due to the holiday, the network will re-air the April 14 episode when Kendall urges Ryan not to give up on Greenlee.

Tuesday July 6:

Erica makes a shocking revelation.

Scott makes Caleb an offer.

Damon sneaks a Ciuman from Liza.

Wednesday July 7:

Frankie makes an offer to Madison.

David makes a promise to Greenlee.

Thursday July 8:

Angie becomes disoriented.

Jesse is suspended.

Greenlee confronts David.

Friday July 9:

Colby turns down the internship in New York.

Jackson soalan Erica about Caleb.

Coming Up:

Erica wants to work with Caleb on Cortlandt Electronics.

JR, Annie and Scott...
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Monday February 14:

Annie reaches her final breaking point.

Ryan is shocked to learn Madison is pregnant.

The wedding continues.

Tuesday February 15:

Ryan freaks out when he realizes Emma is missing.

David tells Liza he has turned over a new leaf.

Asher tries to pursue Colby but she makes things difficult.

Wednesday February 16:

Bianca makes a decision about Reese.

Cara confronts Griffin about his feelings for Kendall.

In the hopes of getting closer to his son, Caleb asks Asher to alih in.

Thursday February 17:

Tad informs Jake of the danger Cara faces if she goes back to Doctors Without Borders....
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