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 terra and runt
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This Alpha and Omega 2: a howl-iday adventure foto might contain baju renang, pakaian renang, mandi guaman, pakaian mandi, baju mandi, mandi, kulit, skintone, bogel berwarna, dengan telanjang separa, bogel tersirat, kulit skintone aurat berwarna, and separa bogel.

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This movie is cool but I think they need to improve on the animasi a bit lebih I'm not trying to be mean but it could use some work the pups need a better Rekaan but their cute tho if anda look closely in the movie it needs a little lebih work the voice Berlakon is Good they got the timing just right it got a little boring after a while but it was interesting and cool the New characters are cool the plot is a Krismas like plot I have a feeling this should have been released in December then October because its a Krismas like movie this is a short review tho I did enjoy the movie The rating I'd give it is 3 stars they as a least tried to make it sound exciting I'm hoping they improve in the seterusnya 2 Filem and I also have these interesting dreams about the movie if you'd like to hear them peti masuk me.
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