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posted by trueshadowwolf
it was the first hari of summer and humphrey and his Friends were so bord. "(sigh) we should do something." humphrey said. "OH anda WANT TO PLAY JACKASS?" salty said. "NO remmeber what happened last time?" humphrey said. "oh yeah." salty said.


shakey and mooch and salty chuckled. "OK, OK, OK IN COUNT IN 3...1...2...3!" humphrey said. he got hit in the crotch with a porky pine. "AHHHHHHH DAMN IT HURTS!!!" humphrey screamed. 5 MINS LATER. "damn it rip it off." humphrey said. "ok ok just...hold still..." shakey said. (RIPS THE PORKEY PINE OFF humphreys crotch) "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" humphreys scream was so loud that simba from "THE LION KING" can hear it. "what the hell?" simbas Membaca a newspaper on a chair.


"that...was a terrible hari in my life." humphrey said. "then what can we do?" shakey said. "well it is summer we can go camping." salty said. "salty we're wolves, we're already camping anda didnt know that?" humphrey said. "OH, right." salty said. "WAIT, if its summer we can throw a party." humphrey said. "GREAT IDEA HUMPHREY!" mooch said. "but we have to invite every serigala, wolf here." kate said. "OH KATE anda want to throw a party." humphrey said. "well my parents arnt gonna be here they berkata something about going to see my aunt but she leaves in alaska so yeah its gonna be awhile thier gone." kate said. "but what about my dad?" garth said. "dude dont worry we can ask him." humphrey said. "UMMM humphrey what if he says no?" kate said. "oh he will." humphrey said. humphrey went up to tony. "tony can we throw a party?" humphrey said. "well winston is not gonna be here but this better be SOME party." tony said. "oh it will we just got set up some things." humphrey said. "yeah." kate said. "then where are we gonna get the stuff?" garth said. "OH anda LEAVE THAT TO ME." humphrey said.
humphrey goes steal from a general store. "GIVE THAT BACK anda VARMENT!" the general store guy said. his got a shotgun. "OH S@#$." humphrey said. he almost got shot. he came back. "humphrey where did anda get this stuff?" kate said. "I DONT WANT TALK ABOUT IT!" humphrey said. "so what did anda get?" lilly said. humphrey got out all the stuff.
his got:
1. 50 packs of root beer.
2. cupcakes
3. an xbox 360 and a ps3 and a wii.
4. the games that came with it
resident evil operation raccoon city
infamus 2
zelda skywardsword
grand theft auto 4
saints row 3
dead island
zelda twilight princess
gitar hero
5. and 30 boxes of pizzas.
6. and a flatscreen t.v.
"!" garth said.
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