Alpha and Omega @Scp_206

soldierboy7141 posted on Nov 25, 2013 at 09:04PM
Yea. I tried to get people to see that they were endanger from "corruption" or "threat" that the very dickwads and mainstream haters that ruined this place. Yea, most of it CAN be ignored but think about it. There's some that actually have some fucked up capabilties. The shit that's happened to the furry fandom (other than the yiffers.) must at the least get someone to stand up. I tried doing that. It was successful at first but then there was always certain places like these who don't listen. Just because it looks dramatic and stupid doesn't mean it shouldn't be taken note of. If you want to know what offers I'm speaking of check out soldier wolves. It was meant to be a anti-cyber bully furry defense group. I have a club for it here but unfortently it never got popular and for unknown reasons. But in other unsuccessful areas common problems rang to- its mistaken for role play, it's overly dramatic, to complicated to understand, 5 year olds join in, or it's judged and demoted becuase people think I'm too young. Yea, I have bad grammar so what? Atleast I'm not going- "KILL ALL ANTI-FURIES!!!" You know? Is it to much to ask for a little support? After all I'm doing this for you guys. I don't understand some of these people you know? They can not grasp the meaning of what this it is no matter how many times I explain it to them.

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