Alpha and Omega The Greatest/Longest Thread

_PARAGON_ posted on Jul 18, 2014 at 06:29PM
I've seen how inactive this place is and no one really talks deeply on here so I thought I'd make this here thread.

This topic has no specific subject, it's just for chatting in general.

Get to know each other, chat, have fun, whatever, just make good use out of this topic and make it so the topic doesn't end (hence "Longest thread")

Also, this may be a spam thread but keep it clean and friendly and because we have young members on here, here's a few rules to keep the topic clean and suitable for everyone:

Ω - No Flaming - In other words, don't say anything that could be offensive towards others. This covers no provocative, hateful or throwing personal attacks at anyone so respect everyone for who they are and what they are. If a member starts causing hatred and is out to start trouble, just ignore them and don't respond to them. Trolls can make there way on any site and I doubt that this site is any exception so if one does slip in here, ignore and report them.

Ω - No Cursing - There are probably filters for them but still, no using swear words of any kind in here.

Ω - Images - If you're going to post an image, make sure it's suitable for all ages.

That's pretty much all.

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