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 Hutch and Scar
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Chapter 2: The return

A winter later humphrey patrolled the tranning grounds , His bulu rippled with new powerful muscles , his face a darker , lebih confident look with powerful eyes. Over the time he spent traning with Winston he had learned to kill with scary efficency . He could track deer from a mile away. He could Almost become invisible to anything unsuspecting. He leapt from rock to rock till he stood on the cliffs peak. He laughed to himself he recalled when it had took him half a hari to traverse it now a matter of saat . That was just part of his traning . He had to hunt with his...
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100% no sexual content

in Saturday.The scoutboy is have race. The race will be started in the deepest jungle in Jasper. there are 4 groups the first is the "Red" group,The saat group is "The Disipline",the Third is Green eyes group,and the last is The survivalist.The Survivalist is the most smarted group they making a software to make an animal can talk.finally the race is begin they need to find a clue to make their way to the finish but they need to camp when the disipline group is on the lead.The green eyes is behind and the other behind of them.the survivalist is the third but...
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 Cinta train
Love train
That's all the soundtracks I found with the autors and who played/produced them. Enjoy ^^

Me And You
Written sejak John Frizzell and Gabriel Mann

On The Loose Again
Written sejak John Frizzell and Gabriel Mann
Performed sejak Gabriel Mann

When we Stand Together
Written sejak Chad Kroeger, Ryan Peake, Mike Kroeger, Joey Moi
Performed sejak Nickelback

Written sejak Ryan Tedder & Sam Watters
Performed sejak Jordin Sparks
Produced sejak Ryan Tedder & The Runaways

Written sejak Chester Bennington
Performed sejak Linkin Park

Feels Like Tonight
Written sejak Dr Duke &...
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A quick behind the scenes of A & O 2! Also the first sight of Garth and Lilly !!! Special thanks to ben15delas who found the video !
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(June 3, 2011)
(this is right after I woke up for the first time after the crash)

The first thing I heard was a soft, gentle beeping. I kept my eyes closed and just listened to it for what seemed like hours.
From the scents I was receiving, I could tell where I was; disinfectant, disease, hand soap. I could only be in a hospital.
When I opened my eyes, I was quite startled to see a serigala, wolf staring at me. The serigala, wolf had light brown eyes and reddish bulu and I recognized her immediately. Scar, from Alpha and Omega.
I smiled at her.

"Colby!" she squealed.
"How do anda know my name?" I asked, raising my eyebrow....
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Time flies sejak and the festival of metal draws ever closer and even the old retired Serigala are looking to make a good impression on the howling stage.

Eve: Winston Honey, its been days since we have practised our Singing atau even our howling, come on in and practise with me darling.

Winston sat outside enjoying the rays of sunshine raining down upon him until he heard the fiery voice of his death Angel beckoning from their log mansion.

Eve: Winston!!

Winston: God damn it woman, can't anda see that i am trying to rest out here, this back doesn't straighten itself out anda know.


A scared...
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