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 Winston: No megusta
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Winston no gusta
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Mission Detail:Rescue Lt.Bob.
My Weapons:Spas-12, Desert Eagle Flashlight.
My Equipment:Four Flashbangs, Two Combat Tomahawks.
Dark Weapons:M4A1 Green Dot Sight, keledai, colt 45.
Dark Equipment:One Smoke Grenade.
Sandman Weapons:UMP 45 Blue Dot Sight, M9.
Sandman Equipment:4 Frag Grenades.
Ghost Weapons:Ak-47 Red Dot Sight /w Grenade Launcher, Desert Eagle.
Ghost equipment:None.
My Clothes:Black Belaclava, Desert Hat, Desert Uniform, Body armor with extended mags, Desert pants, Black boots, Desert gloves.
Dark clothes:Desert helmet, Belaclava, Desert uniform, Body armor, Black boots, Desert pants, Tactical Gloves....
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Mission Details:Kill the Leader of Enemy Base.
Weapons:Barret, Akimbo Glock 18.
Localization: Iraq.
Clothes:Desert Camoflage, Desert Pants, Desert Gloves, Black Boots, Desert Helmet.
Group: Me, Sandman.
Day 2
9:53 Pm
January 5, 2014
Desert Spec Units.
"Stay hidden." I said. "I crouched and headed to base slowly. "Two enemies, 12 Meters. Take them out." I said. "On my Mark." "Mark." I exploded a enemy head as sandman do. "Quick! Take A AK Sandman, I will take this MP5 Blue Dot sight." I swap my sniper to a MP5. "There is a reason I bought silencers."...
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