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 Assassin serigala, wolf
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humphrey ran as fast as he could to ge away. But then garth jumped up in the air and tackled them both."dude why are anda doing this" "why am i doing this me and lily are running away because of anda two alphas" kate fell to the ground balling because of what humphrey called them."thats why garth thats exactly why" "dude we're sorry bro just get back with kate and i with lily" "what did anda just say" "you heard me" NO GARTH WE'RE NOT GOING BACK!!! "lily stay out of this" this is your fault alpha anda did this to me and lily don't expect us to crawl back to anda guys cause it's not going to happen...
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One day, mooch was with his friends. He was skinny at the time. Humphrey and the gang were wrestling when Mooch saw a cave full of squirrels. He snuck out of wrestling to get out and Mooch grabbed a squirrel, and every hari he returned to the spot and caught a squirrel. His Friends had no idea how he was gaining wait, because Mooch refused to tell them about his stash of squirrels. Of course Reba and Janice knew someone was eating their friends. sejak the time they caught Mooch, he was fat. Reba and Janice made him agree to not eat the squirrels anymore, atau they would tell his friend he was hogging food. He still kept eating though, no one could stop
him once he started chewing on something, and that's how he became the fat serigala, wolf we know today.

Which Character should I do next?
A peminat get together PT.1: THe summer home.

This takes place, in the first person perspective of myself. This will be about Jon, Brandon, Jeremy, and Uriah. atau in their Fanpop names, KateALphaWolf, Metallica1147, (Or what ever those last four numbers are...) VengeanceWolf, and UriahA... The story starts with us all at an A and O convention that has gone horribly wrong in the summer break. Enjoy my comedy... -Kates-mate101

I opened the door to the convention. The door creaked open slowly. I closed my eyes and flipped my long black/brown hair over my right eye, as I do when I'm nervous, but then...
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Humphrey was standing outside with his senapang in his arms. He looked so dominant and sexy. Cando eventually pulled up to Humphrey’s den.
“Thanks, Cando, lets pick up Winston and Hutch.”
“Are anda sure anda want to do this?”
“Yeah, I’m sure. Oh, wait! I forgot to put the turet on!”
Humphrey got out and attached the turet to the katil of the F-350.
“Alright, it’s good, let’s head out.”
They picked up Winston and Hutch, and headed to the Motel 6.
“I understand this is a diesel engine, but does this have a turbo, nitrous, atau supercharger?”
“It has all three. I spent...
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Just Chill and chat about the well known and loved movie' alpha and omega! can't think of anything to chat about? Just make up a story about alpha and omega atau write down your idea of what anda would like alpha and omega 3 to be like!
What a feeling' I mean we all like making friends' but ever thought about making Friends with Kate atau Humphrey?! Omg that would be awesome! Have fun alpha and omega fans!!! :D
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