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Humphrey's POV.

I walked into the seterusnya part of the den with Kate so we could have alone time away from Garth and Lilly. I decided that I would jike with Kate before we got started. She looked at me with her sexy look.
"So are anda ready big boy?" She smiled. I grinned.
"What did we come in here for again?" I Asked. Kate slapped her head."We came in here to get away from Garth's snoring right?" I Asked.
"No." Kate said.
"Get away from Lilly's snoring?" I Suggested. She rolled her eyes.
"Gods anda are dense. Be thankful that I think your cute." She berkata and I Laughed.
"Oh we came in here to make puppies...
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"Aww, come on, Runt! We were only teasing," berkata Claudette. "I don't care!" Runt hated always being teased sejak his siblings about being only younger sejak two minutes. Hated it. This time he was done with it.

So, in response to this time, he ran away up into the forest until he got tired, then climbed up the closest tree. He waited there, expecting his brother and sister to follow. Typical. They didn't. "Great. Now i'm lost." He berkata as he saw a bunch of caribou run through the forest, going the opposite direction from where he came, smothering his scent trail. Not that he even had much of a...
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It's not related to alpha and omega. I just wanted to tunjuk how furry animations can be great when they are not sexual explicit.
*I made this way back on Valentines hari and it was blocked but now for some reason it viewable to all so enjoy* Happy Valentines hari to all of you, and also it's my one tahun channel anniversary too! :D
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This is my first Video of Kate & Humphrey. It would be better if my Movie Maker wouldn't crash all the Time!^^ A saat One is in work
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