( Scene) The Harmon family in the car on the way to their new home.

Violet: L.A is full of creeps, drug dealers and killers, great place to alih to. ( sarcastic tone of voice)

Ben: hei crabby! cut it out. This house will be a new start for all of us

Violet: Whatever

Viv: anda know violet I wish anda were a little lebih optimistic about this, anda get to start over

( violet does a big fake grin)

Viv: Forget I asked.

( Arrive at the new house)

Violet: Holy shit is that our house!

Viv: Yes it is, I think it's great.

Ben: And it was plenty cheap too

( Big 19th century mansion)

( Ben rings doorbell and waits at the door for answer)

( violet sneaks off to look at outside of house)

Violet: Great, now we're the Adams family.

Ben: violet get over here!

Viv: Something has to be wrong, houses like this aren't cheap Ben.

Ben: That's why its great that we can have a great house for a good price.

Viv: I'm not so sure.

( Woman jawapan the door)

Marcy: Come in come in! anda must be the Harmons, such a beautiful family might I add.

( Everyone goes inside)

Violet: I'm going to look around. I'll catch up with anda later.

( violet explores house and then goes down to the basement)

Violet: This place is so creepy ( mutters)

( Hears footsteps then child laughter)

Violet: Who's there?

( Looks around but finds nobody)

Violet; I berkata who's there!

( silence)

( violet joins family back upstairs)

Marcy: It's the law that I must tell anda what happened to the sebelumnya owners.

Viv: ( uncertain laugh) They weren't killed were they?

Marcy: Yes actually, it was a murder suicide, such a shame they were nice people.

Violet: Where did it happen?

Viv: Violet!

Marcy: The basement.

Violet: we'll take it.

That's just a sneak peek of my new peminat fiction mini series which focusses around Tate and Violet's romance. If anda liked it please leave a komen telling me what anda thought of it and if I should continue with it. seterusnya time I'll be sure to make the parts longer.