Amy Winehouse RIP Amy!!!!

pattap posted on Jul 27, 2011 at 09:53PM
Dear Amy! I'm from Slovenije.Tvoje songs I liked, but I found them a call on pomoč.Žal me that you had on hand to someone who would hear and help you out! I imagine that I know how is the one you fall into alcohol and drugs ... yeah, that you only predstavljam.Škoda, shame you did not have on hand any proper friends, but really a true friend to help you out of this crisis, even though I am aware this to you but you had fun in this condition and this is just cared what others think, because this is also handy if you care what others think, just ....... Rest in peace dear Amy !!!!!!

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hampir setahun yang lalu SoCelebrities said…
So sad :-( HUGE FAN of Amy Winehouse, I just finished a dedicated fan site link real time news, pics, videos, email alerts ... let me know what you think


hampir setahun yang lalu lilyclaire said…
no i was her number 1 fan i am lising to her right now and guess what she is still with us in our hearts and soul it makes me cry just righting this only if she had quit the drugs she would be right here right now you know she was only 29 or so that is so young peace and love to Amy we love you. :(