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Can anda teach a nuri, burung nuri to speak English fluently?

I really want a nuri, burung nuri and I heard African Greys are the best talkers, so I did lebih research on them and decided a Grey would be a good fit for me. But I was wondering if I would be able to teach him the whole English language so he'd understand it as well as me. Understand not mimick.
 ppgcowgirl posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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mincode said:
The sad answer is that unless anda are a groundbreaking amazing nuri, burung nuri speech teacher that can do something that no one else has done. Then yes. Actually there has been a nuri, burung nuri named A.l.e.x that has learned to speak to a limited degree. anda can tunjuk him stuff and he can say if it is bigger, smaller same and different. Identify 50 different object, some colours and shapes look him up. Btw his name stood for Avian Language Experiment shortened to A.l.e.x. However your nuri, burung nuri could probably learn to understand commands and to a limited degree understand you. However anda could probably not teach it to speak english just mimic it.
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posted hampir setahun yang lalu 
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