Anime 2 animes characters from the last 2 animes anda watched meet. How did it turn out?

snowwolf2000 posted on Dec 22, 2013 at 02:43PM
The last 2 animes I saw were Hetalia and Soul Eater. Death the kid would probably be yelling at Italy about how asymmetrical his hair is, and Italy would be waving his white flag saying" I surrender, I surrender" XD.

Anime 3 balas

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hampir setahun yang lalu heart-of_love said…
The last two animes i saw were Fairy Tail and InuYasha.
Natsu and Inuyasha would get into a big fight, Lucy and Kagome would become friends.
Plue and Shippo would become friends as well. Miroku would want to know why Gray strips and Erza would hurt Natsu while Kagome yells Sit at Inuyasha.
hampir setahun yang lalu AnimeAvarice said…
The last 2 animes I saw were Code Geass and Btooom (I have not finished either of them)

Euphie would be trying to make friends with everyone, Himiko would be trying to stay as far from Lloyd as possible, Suzaku would be running around trying to get everyone to stop fighting, Sakamoto would be helping him, Nunnally would be trying to get through to Kosuke, Kallen would be trying to kill Kosuke, Taira would be discussing random stuff with Ogi, C.C. would be searching for pizza, and Lelouche would be plotting to take over the entire island XD
hampir setahun yang lalu IllusionDolls said…
The last two anime series I watched were Attack On Titan and Soul Eater.
Black Star would be sitting on top of a Titan's head, shouting "I am the star! No one can be a bigger man than me!" x)
 The last two Anime series I watched were Attack On Titan and Soul Eater. Black bintang would be sitting