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 Azusa watching Boku no Pico
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If you've heard of Boku No Pico, you'd understand. XD This is supposed to be read slowly from bahagian, atas to bottom. I suggest clicking for a larger size.
boku no pico
azusa nakano
funny captions
Here is a senarai of Anime shows that i really like and that i recommend that anda guys atleast take a look at.

 The Main Cast
The Main Cast

First off we have Yu Yu Hakusho
This tunjuk is awesome.
It has demons, Supernatural fights and some of the best characters ever.

The story is about fourteen tahun old Yusuke Urameshi who gets runover sejak a car and dies, after that he meets the Shinigami (Grim Reaper) Botan who gives him the possibility to come back to life if he becomes Spirit Detective.
Then the story follows his fight agains evil spirits, demons and powerhungry humans.

I highly recommend that anda watch the...
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 Head on!
Head on!
[NOTE: I took down this review and added some things to it, as well as changed some things around.]


A tahun has passed since the events of Sunbow's third season, and the war between Convoy's (A.K.A. Optimus Prime) Cybertrons and the Destrons has finally come to its conclusion. Peace once again reigns supreme over the galaxy — but the game quickly changes with the emergence of a new breed of Transformers … the Headmasters!

Now anda can watch the rarely seen japanese series that's had Transformers and Anime fans...
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 Pandora Hearts soundtrack
Pandora Hearts soundtrack
Since my computer wont let my put this in the forum I'm Penulisan this out in an article.
I am a devoted Pandora Hearts peminat and want another season. Even if anda don't watch Pandora Hearts I would still Cinta It if anda signed this online petition. It would mean the world to me if anda did.
Right now only about 3,500 people have signed the petition and since there are 26,228 Anime peminat-peminat we could really bring the numbers up if anda sign anda could change writer Jun Mochizuki's mind :)

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Yo mama's so fat that when she stepped on the scale, her weight was OVER 9000!!!

Yo Mama's so fat, she walked in front of the TV and I missed three seasons of Inuyasha!

Yo mama's so fat, Naruto couldnt make enough clones to see all sides of her.

Yo mama's so ugly, even Tamaki wouldn't hit on her.

Yo mama's so fat that the Dragon Ball Z crew uses her to make craters on set.

Yo mama's so ugly, she's the real reason sasuke left the village.

Yo mama's so fat that when she sat down on a park bench, she caused the Naruto timeskip
Yo mama's so ugly that she's like a Death Note. Get someone to look...
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