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 Inazuma Eleven
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This Anime foto contains anime, komik, manga, kartun, and buku komik.

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1. I follow them utama then stab them in the spleen, that'll teach them to hate something I enjoy.

2.Well first I'd try to argue that there are a lot adult Anime if that doesn't work and they're just stupid I'll lol.

3.I explain the general themes found in Black Lagoon and Hellsing then ask them how much they liked the latest Disney/Pixar flick. (knowing they've seen it)
Shuts them up every time.

4.They piss me off, so I just ignore them as much as I can.

5.i just leave them be , its pointless to change some1 mind when that person doesn't wanna change

6. I firt mention that anime...
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when anda get a call from the doctor it genarly means anda have an up comeing apointment. not for me....when Dr.kasaku call my mom i was only 4 at the time. mom always had it on speaker and i was in the same room. " Get jukiabi to the hospital NOW!!!". my mom knew what it ment. she threw the phone at the dinding pickd me up and ran to the car. on the way my mom kept looking back at me.worried.when we got there the nurses got me into a room. "whats going on!?!?!" mom yelld. a nurse took her out of the room while another got me to lie down. befor i fell asleep my mom came in and kept brushing my hair...
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