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 Anime kertas-kertas dinding
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Various Anime kertas-kertas dinding I've found on the internet. Some are of pre-existing characters, some aren't.
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This Anime foto might contain tab panas, hot tub, and tab mandi panas.

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Before we get started I’ll like to make some rules for this list:
*Only Anime allowed on this senarai meaning only Japanese Kartun
*They are rare exceptions to the last rule though, if the cartoon acts like an anime.
* I had to watch the Anime to include the theme song to the list
*One song per anime

10.Princess Tutu Op(Morning Grace):
We start off this senarai with a very dark and tragic Anime Op to match the Anime it represents.The genre is the Magical girl genre so, of course it’s going to be dark. It’s known to be deceiving; Anyway back on topic with The Princess Tutu opening.
This Op is...
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This is a Neji and Tenten fanfiction. Enjoy ;-) sum may have already read this on nejiten but I decided 2 post it here 2 so. Here goes. Comment:-)

Nejixtenten=love part 1

Tenten's pov

"Look we can't waist time. I have to train so I can be the best. And in order to be the best I have to defeat the great neji hyuga," I ranted off to Ino.
"Quit your yappin and hold still," Ino berkata as she plucked my eyebrows.
"You do this every time Ino. I don't have to look good just to go train. I'ma get sweaty and messy anyway."
"Hold still," she demanded as she plucked away.
"Ow," I yelped.
"Got it. All done,"...
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