Anime Whats Your Favrite Anime???!!!

Pick one:
higurashi no naku kori ni
lucky bintang
bludgeoning Angel dokuro-chan
the melancholy of haruhi suzmiya,suzmiya,haruhi no yuutsu
dragon ball z kai
sailor moon(if anda know what that is)
avatar-the last airbender
azumanga daioh
gurren lagann
(some other anime)
Cowboy Bebop
Added by Pitrocks14
Death Note
Added by xangelx
yumeiro patissiere
Added by Donata
Soul Eater :D
Fruits Basket
Added by tdafan121
Shugo Chara
Added by dina1999_11
pandora hearts
pandora hearts
Added by izbia150
Fairy Tail
Added by TokineOneChan
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 shadowkillsonic posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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