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kristain77 posted on Jul 09, 2010 at 09:46AM
Hi, I am Kristain
Australia is one of the great and finest country in the world. Lots of beaches are available in Australia. Bondi Beach is one of the them. Bonde Beach is famous and pretty beautiful beach. It is located at seven km from Sydney in the suburn of Bondi. I like to go there for vacation. I am planing to go there thats why i finding useful infomration about Bondi Beach. And i getting some information. But i want some more. Please suggest.

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hampir setahun yang lalu ruby1000 said…
What type of info specifically?
-There is a really good corn on the cob stand on the promenade
-Sometimes they have production at the pavilion that might be worth going to.
-When you go you should walk around the rocks at the north end
-Walk from Bondi to Tamma and look at Sculpture by the school
-Sometimes people play volleyball on the south end of the beach. They are happy for strangers to play if you just ask
-You can do surf lessons from the shop up past the club on the north end
-The best places to go for eating/cafe are...
-Gertrude and Alice (its a second hand bookshop/cafe) past the post office that is of the boulevard.
The Trattoria (on the south end you can see it from the beach on the curb
- The cafe up near the bus depot/also near Hastings street the one on the same side as Neil & Tonies food store (they do really good pancakes)
- Nina’s ploy tie (search it) does really good honey chicken up on the south end (one of the side streets

Is there anything else specifically you wanted to know...
Just ask?
Hope this helps :)

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