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Apologies and captives…

“Ahhhhhhh….” he screamed. “Hey,” I berkata “I never caught your name.” “It’s Aundre!” He called up to me. “What’s your name?” “It’s Ashtaroth.” I said. Just then we made a steep dip, Aundre screamed. “Calm down and be quiet!!” I berkata forcefully. “I’m afraid of heights!” he yelled “What!?!” I berkata “You begged and begged me to let anda come and now anda tell me you’re afraid of heights!” “What!?! anda kidnapped me! ” He cried out furiously “Why did anda make me come anyway?!?” He screamed. I thought quickly “In the...
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posted by moodystuff449
It started, with a star…

How many times have anda fallen in Cinta with someone anda know anda can't be with.…? Not for anything... anda can't run away, and they can't Cinta anda back....

or-- won't.....

I am a falling star. I am Ashtaroth. That is my human name, my real name is Unukalhai. I am part of the constellation Serpens Caput. Every bintang that falls dies when it hits the ground-- Except one. It is very seldom, but, if the world needs help... The chosen star, when it falls, does not die. It, in fact, turns into an angel. anda must know that all Bidadari are stars. However, only one can exist...
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posted by daria264
Have anda ever had days where all anda want to hear is the classics your mother used to listen to on 45s? Ballroom is great in those quiet lonely moments. I had some saved in Lucy’s memory. She was actually the one who wanted to keep them.
“It’s wasted angkasa Luce,” I argued. “We could probably get lebih use out of current maps than some stupid music.”
As usual, she was right when she said, “You’ll need them later.” So that was that. She knew I wouldn’t go behind her and do it anyway.
So here I lay, on a rafter in her hangar, listening to I’ll Never Smile Again, letting my...
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posted by daria264
It’s hot. Ata’s environmental controls are shot. Until we reach another backwater planet, our only way to prevent freezing in angkasa is to vent the exhaust heat through the air duct filters manually. I didn’t realize just how hot these engines can get. Lucy warned them that my human physiology would only permit certain temperatures, but this is our only option. I never thought I could go through this much water in one day. It’s like the lebih I drink, the faster it comes out.
    “How much longer ‘til we reach a repair dock?” I asked for the ninetieth time....
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posted by soon2bcullen
Chapter 3: I will never regret loving you; only believing anda loved me too.

So anda can’t blame me for seeking comfort whatever form it many be.

The seterusnya week went sejak in a blur, I couldn’t eat, and I couldn’t drink. atau rather I didn’t want to eat atau drink. None the less i was growing weak. Lissa tried to heal me a few times, but I refused her, because this weakness was my own doing. I did what I was told; I went to class, went to practice then to my room and read atau thought about things. I was becoming very antisocial. I felt so selfish being so down, but it wasn’t my life I feared,...
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posted by HaleyDewit
I hoped it was over
I hoped no one would try to put me through that again
I suspected a lot of people
But anda were not one of them
You were my only friend
When I was at the bottom of my desperate mind
And I had the climb out to see the light
and clear my mind to finally realize

That it was anda all along
You’re the reason why things went wrong
I believed anda saved me from drowning
But all this time anda held me under water
You’re a very good manipulator
How could I ever see anda as my savior
You might as well just say goodbye
‘Cause I’m not in for your lies

I found my way through the traffic
I found a...
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posted by HaleyDewit
When anda bleed, anda can start dying
You can finally stop denying
There's no reaso for anda to keep on trying
Just admit that you've been lying
You better find a place to play hide and seek
'Cause the things I'll do to anda will make anda weak
Remember all the things that anda have said
'Cause I can't get the revenge out of my head
Soon you'll be dead

One hari I'm coming back
I'm getting ready for the attack
I'll fight anda like before
You won't hurt me anymore
You better start to run and find a place
'Cause a lying jalang, perempuan jalang like anda has no saving grace
Remember all the things that anda have done
'Cause my revenge will...
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posted by HaleyDewit
It was nine o’ clock in the evening. Lucas got in his car and started the engines. The moment he drove away, another car started driving. Lucas didn’t notice anything of it, until his pursuer hit his bumper. He pressed his gas pedal and raced forward. His pursuer did the same thing. Lucas watched his rear view mirror and recognized Alex’ face. He turned the wheel around, so he drove in the opposite direction. Alex betted the chase and the tires shrieked on the street. They raced for about half an hour, until Alex forced Lucas to drive in some God forgotten place. They both got out of...
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