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posted by trixie123
(I'm sick today, and this is where the story gets good! Yay! Dialog! And I fixed the other chapter if anda want to check it out. And this is not some Twilight thing! I hate Twilight! WARNING: Containts lots of Kataang, some Tokka, and Sukka fight.)


Katara sat at her usual meja, jadual with her usual friends. That much Jet could see. She never ate anything – like all of her Friends – and she laughed with that pale skinned freak of a boyfriend that she had. Jet had had a crush on Katara Waters since they were in the same class in 3rd grade. He had taken a liking to the tall, pretty cheerleader who always wore blue and had a smile that could light the world, she just never noticed him. And then, all of a sudden, she decided to bring new kids to school who were both very striking with their black hair and unusual eye color and their mysterious demeanor. Jet was all about the mysterious. Of course, that was what his job was, to be mysterious. He was a shape-shifter of the sorts. Although he never shaped into anyone else in school unless he had to. Sometimes, he couldn’t shape into anyone, and these kids were the exception. Earlier that day, he had tried out the new kids’ looks only to get a result not too pleasing. He was shot into the hallway wall, damaging it a great deal. That was the downside to his incredible powers. He had planned to shape into Aang White just to get to the gorgeous Katara Waters. He had always wanted her, and his want for the now pale girl with the handsome boyfriend was growing. If he couldn’t have her, no one could.


Aunt Wu’s class was the most exciting part of the day. That was the class that they could learn how to read people’s palms and tell what people’s futures would be like just sejak Membaca the expressions on their faces.

Katara and Aang sat at the back of the class, thankful that this was the saat to last class of the day. Already, it was only Aang and Toph’s saat hari at school and they already had some creepy people stalking them. For Aang, the girls hovered over him when he wasn’t with Katara. The boys just asked how he got so pale and how his hair was always so perfect. But Aang was the tall dark and handsome type that didn’t really talk to anyone except Katara, and that was only to whisper sweet nothings into her ear that would make her blush and giggle uncontrollably. He had a way of doing that to her, and even if she was half dead, he could still make what was left of the blood in her body rush to her cheeks. It was amazing, and she did the same for him.

Katara was dead – well, sort of – that much she knew, but whenever Aang would hold her hand atau Ciuman her lips, a jolt of electricity would shoot through her body. Even if they had only been together two months, she knew she loved the boy with all her heart.


Sokka could see Suki Kyoshi – head cheerleader of the Ba Sing Se Warriors – stare at him all throughout the day. It was hideous. Sokka Waters and Suki Kyoshi had broken up right before Sokka Waters turned like this and joined Aang White – best friend and head vampire of the pack – and Toph Bei Fong – girlfriend and toughie of the group. He never wanted to ever go back on the road with the gossiping cheerleader and her friends.

He was actually like this because of her, and he hated to think it like that. The night they broke up was the night he scooped up Katara and told her that they were going on a walk. That night, they were attacked sejak Serigala Jadian and saved sejak Toph and Aang. And Sokka Waters would be forever grateful.

Sokka Waters and Toph Bei Fong had gotten together shortly after they decided to go back to school. He remembered how she had found him in the courtyard of their house in the middle of the night thinking.

“Is something wrong, Meat Hear?” Toph had asked bluntly, using the nickname she gave him.

“I was just thinking,” Sokka answered.

“Do anda want to talk about it?” Toph questioned uncomfortably. She was never really good at comforting people, much less other mythical beings.

“Sure,” Sokka sighed. “The night anda found us, I had broken up with my girlfriend, atau ex-girlfriend now, Suki Kyoshi. The whole reason we met anda was because I took Katara on a walk to talk to her because Suki was is the head cheerleader and Katara’s once best friend. We were walking and that’s when a serigala, wolf attacked us. Later on, anda found us. So really, I should be thanking her for that since Katara and I met anda guys out of us almost being killed. And now that we decided to go back to school this semester, I’m going to be seeing her again. So I’m a little nervous on how she’s gonna act.”

Toph punched Sokka in the arm. “You’ll be fine, Snoozles,” Toph replied. “I know anda will.”

Slowly they began leaning in until their lips touched. And that was how they had gotten together. Now, here was Sokka, sitting in his saat to last class of the hari with Suki Kyoshi looking suspiciously at him.

When the loceng rang out only saat later, Sokka got his stuff together and got up, knowing that Suki Kyoshi would follow.

“Suki,” Sokka began without turning around to see her, “I know you’re behind me.”

Finally, Sokka tuned around to find his ex-girlfriend staring at him in amazement. Sokka Waters was never that keen. Things really did change.

“Hey, Sokka,” Suki greeted, “I just-”

Sokka interrupted, “No need to explain. I just want to say thanks. If anda hadn’t broken my hati, tengah-tengah that night, I wouldn’t have met my new best friend, who is now like a brother, and my new girlfriend, who I live very much. I hope we could still be friends, but being Friends might endanger yourself and your family, so I suggest just being classmates.” atau maybe Makanan later, Sokka thought. “I’ll see anda around, Suki Kyoshi. Nice day.”

And with that said, Sokka Waters left the classroom to go to his final classes. Suki stared after him in shock. Sokka Waters – the guy who could be classified as the idiotic class clown – was being straight up and blunt. And what did he mean sejak being Friends with her he would endanger her and her family? Suki needed lebih answers, and she needed to find her alibi and fast.


“They’re onto us,” Toph berkata the minit they got into the confines of their home.

“Who?” asked Katara as she went to sit on the sofa, kerusi panjang in front of the dimly lit flat screen TV. Aang walked over with her and sat on the couch, pulling Katara into his chest as he kissed her hair softy, rubbing her arm.

“Everyone,” Sokka answered for Toph. “Suki Kyoshi, Jet Green, Azula and Zuko Sozin, Ty Lee No-Last-Name, everyone! It’s unnerving!”

“How do anda know they’re onto us?” Aang questioned, Ciuman Katara’s hair still as he hugged her close to him. She giggled softly and leaned up to place a Ciuman on his lips.

“I can feel it!” Toph yelled.

“Do your Earthbending powers even allow that?” asked Katara as she snuggled up to Aang’s chest more.

“Not really,” Toph confessed, “but they’ve been Berlakon weird. Ty Lee No-Last-Name is always never there, but I can feel her presence. I know she’s a ghost. Azula and Zuko Sozin I know are Serigala Jadian because they have heavy panting and I know they’re onto us because they both emit a soft growl whenever we’re near them. Suki Kyoshi has looked up my personal school info. I know this because I made Sokka look it up to change something on my health report. And man, is Sokka good at hacking through fiery walls!

“Thanks and it’s api, kebakaran walls,” Sokka corrected.

“I know, Snoozles.” Toph continued, “And Jet Green almost made a hole in the dinding trying to shape-shift into Aang! Ty Lee No-Last-Name and Zuko Sozin don’t seem so bad, but the others are getting onto us. We need to do something about it.”

“Now I’m interested,” Aang berkata as he stopped hissing Katara’s head for a moment to talk. “We’ll deal with the problem when the time comes. Right now, all we need to do is act cool. Aren’t anda forgetting that we have me? And Sokka and Katara and you, Toph, for that matter? We’re all masters at an element. And if not one element then two atau just a weapon. We can take them when the time comes. All we need to do is get even, and we’ve got a computer genius to help us.”

The group nodded in agreement.


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