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Jin performed a spinning kick to send api, kebakaran at her opponent. Her opponent blocked the attack and started sending fireballs at her. She ducked and rolled on the ground to avoid the fireballs. She threw a fireball at his legs. He jumped and kicked api, kebakaran at her while still in the air. Jin rolled again to avoid the attack and jumped to her feet. He shot a large fireball toward her which made her stagger backwards to avoid it. She fell on her behind. He created api, kebakaran daggers and started to run over to her. When he stood over Jin she shielded herself.
"Enough." berkata a voice.
The daggers dissapeared from her opponent's hands and he walked back to where he stood.
"Jin, stand up."
Jin got to her feet and turned to look at her father.
"Why didn't anda try to block the attack?" asked Zuko, who was sitting in his throne, spectating her training.
"I'm sorry, Father." berkata Jin, "I-I guess I got scared."
"Jin," berkata Zuko, standing up and walking towards her, "You need to remember that whenever anda get into a real fight, your opponent will not hesitate to hurt you. He won't tunjuk restraint because you're a child. He will hurt anda when he gets the chance." he stood right in front of her and put he put his hands on her shoulders, "You can not give him that chance."
"I know," berkata Jin, lowering her head and closing her eyes, ashamed, "I'm sorry."
Zuko put his hand on his daughter's head and turned to Jin's training opponent.
"Again." he said.
Jin nodded once and turned to her opponent. When they got into their firebending stances, Mai entered the takhta room, holding Jin's two-year-old sister Morana.
"Our guests are here, Zuko." berkata Mai, "They're excited to see you."
"I'll be right there." berkata Zuko
"Jin," berkata Mai, turning to her older daughter, "Haruki, Kya, and Toshiro are here."
"Really?" Jin yelled out excitedly.
Mai nodded, smiling. Jin started to run out of the room when Zuko grabbed her shoulder.
"Hold on," he said, "Your training isn't over yet."
"Zuko, she's been at this all morning." berkata Mai, "Let her go see her friends."
Zuko hesitated, then let go of Jin. "Fine."
Jin ran out of the takhta room, giving her mother a grateful smile as she went. Mai smiled as she ran out. When she walked over to her husband, she saw that he was looking at her irritated.
"What?" she asked, frowning.
"Leave us alone." Zuko told Jin's opponent. The opponent bowed and walked out of the room. Zuko turned back to Mai, his hands in fists.
"Don't anda understand how important it is for Jin to train right now?" he asked Mai, angrily, "Especially with this war going on?"
"Zuko, calm down." berkata Mai, putting her hand on his elbow but he jerked his arm away.
"I will not calm down," he said, "Don't anda care about her? Don't anda want her to be prepared?"
"Zuko, she's only eight." berkata Mai, "She's not going to be sent to battle at this age."
"I'm talking about what if the Chikara Army attacks the api, kebakaran Nation like they did the South Pole and part of the Earth Kingdom."
"Zuko, this palace is heavily guarded with firebenders, nothing's going to happen. You're Berlakon like Azula."
"No I'm not! Azula went insane because she was worried about herself, I'm going insane because I'm worried my family and my friends." The api, kebakaran in the room grew intense as he berkata this. He calmed down and so did the flames. He put his hand on Mai's face.
"I just don't want anda to end up like..." he couldn't finish
"This is about Aang, isn't it?" a tear slid down Mai's cheek.
Zuko sighed again and walked past his wife.
"I'm not going to fail to protect my family like I failed to protect Aang."
He walked out of the room. Mai watched him go, tears running down her face.
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Part 1: Katara

"Only a girl to mess things up!" shouted Sokka.
"Ugh! You're so sexist, Sokka!" I shouted back. "I'm embarrassed to be related to you!"
"Right back at ya, sis!" teased Sokka.
Yep, here we were. Standing outside of Sokka's 1950's blue Chevy truck(which use to be our Grandfather Pakku's truck, sejak the way.). The car broke, and the radio got busted; and Sokka is blaming me for this, as usual.
By the way, I'm Katara. I'm 15 years old, related to Sokka(unfortunately). Sokka is my brother, he's 16 and just got his license last week.

Now the conflict here is that, our mom asked Sokka drive...
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