Avatar The Last Airbender 'Avatar' Roleplay anyone ?

MusicGirl33 posted on Oct 17, 2011 at 03:46AM
Alright, to get started create your bio.
Here is mine as an example :

Name : Toph BeiFong/The Runaway/The Blind Bandit

Nation/Element: Ba Sing Sei/Earth

Personality: Sarcastic, funny and..obviously blind. Has a secret crush on Sokka and likes to hit people. Ran away because of controling, lame parents. Master of earth and discoverer of metal bending.

Okay? So, all I need is any other Avatar characters (besides mine). Then, once I look over people's, I will start the roleplaying.

Avatar The Last Airbender 2 balas

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hampir setahun yang lalu trixie123 said…
Ok… so… um…

Katara/ Safire Fire/ Sifu Katara

Southern Water Tribe

Motherly. Likes to take care of the people she is closesed to. Head strong. Won't put up without a fight. Has a HUGE crush on Avatar Aang. Master of the element called Water and is a healer. She is also Aang's Waterbending teacher.

hampir setahun yang lalu smileyAqua said…
big smile
Sokka/boomeranng guy/prince sokka/ponytail guy

Southern Water tribe

Sarcastic.Meat lover, never leaves without his boomeranng, has had the moon spirit as a girlfriend,now with suki...