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18wanda posted on Jul 16, 2009 at 11:19PM
Yesterday me and 123cosmo4 decided to make a holiday called Avatar Day to celebrate our favorite tv show! Today, July 16th is officially our new Avatar day, and you are free to celebrate it too. Here are some great Avatar Day ideas.
1. Make posters, printouts, etc. Decorate the house to spread some Avatar spirit!
2. Make up Avtar games. Me and Cosmo play dart guns. I was the fire lord and Cosmo was Aang!
3. Make some holiday festivity foods like they did off the real episode. Use a cut-out and make people shaped cookies, add eyes and an arrow and you have Avatar Day food cookies!
4. Watch Avatar!!!
5. Play the Avatar video game!!! Or go to the Avatar website on nick.com and play games!
Celebrate Avatar Day with us every July 16th and make the holiday become more than just a crazy idea!!! If you love Avatar then celebrate it with these helpful tips.

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