Avatar The Last Airbender Avatar: the last airbender What do anda think happens?

Kode_Katie posted on Feb 05, 2010 at 09:14PM
I didn't like how the show left off. i mean i'm happy that katara and aang got together and suki and sokka worked out, but there are still TOO MANY loose ends... the biggest of mine is WTH happens with zuko and his mom? haha when the show first started i actually though that katara's mom and zuko's mom were the same person, but that was only because you saw her hair in the swamp episode and its almost the same color and same length as hers when they finally show her, but then you get to see kiya's eyes later on in the season and they are blue and ursa's are a bronze/gold color. but i thought it would be interesting if that really was the case... i was almost certain about it when zuko and katara were trapped together in the mines but i guess not. another big thing that i want to know is what happened to jet? did he die? i know toph said he wasn't going to be ok but but he could have pulled through. erg this is so frusterating!!!

what do you think? do they need another season or special movie or something like that? and what is the main thing that really bugs you that they never answered in avatar?

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