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zanhar1 posted on Apr 07, 2010 at 12:24AM
after you creat your character go to this link

Characters name:
Were you live: (ember island,basingsai, omashu ect)
Element: (dont say all or avatar please):
Class(royal noble pesent):
Pets if you charcter has one:

Heres mine

Characters name: Ember Zevourra she goes by Zevourra around friends. (pronounced Zeh-vor-a)
Were you live: Ember island
Element: Fire
Personality: In front of her parents she acts formal snooty and rich when with friends shes a fuloveing friendly tomboy
Look: With her parents she wears a sparkly orange dress with frills made to look like fire at the bottom. it has a line of rubies topazes and orange crystles. she has brown hair and gold eyes she wears orange lipstick. with friends she wears a red head band with frills too look like wire on the right side, her hair is messyer. she wears a red shirt with the same fire like frills ay the very top and bottom of the shirt and bottom of the sleeves. (the fire like lace is sparkly) she wears matching pants.
Class(royal noble pesent): noble, rich
Pets if you charcter has one: a baby dragon named Myla and a dragonmoose named Akkale'
Other: she's friends with zuko mai and tylee sometimes she visits azula but is not sure if she trusts her yet.
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hampir setahun yang lalu samoangirl96 said…
Characters name: Meleayna (Mele-aye-na) Reya (ray-a) her friends and family call her Mele for short
where you live: northern water tribe
element: water
personality: very tomboy. once you first meet her she'll kinda test you at first she'll be a rude but then once you get to know her she'll be nice and friendly. don't get on her bad side though then she'll really get ticked off
look:tall, light brown skin, long wavy black hair, and dark brown eyes. since she live in the north pole she wears some thick clothing. when she's at the north pole she wears the clothes with the pelts on it. the design is very simple you have white fur around the hoodie, the cuffs, the waist, and the bottom. on the shoulders there are three white feathers. In the middle is the water tribe symbol. Her regular clothing she wears a top like katara’s fire nation one, but blue and goes down to her waist. Under her dress, she wears baggy dark blue sweats that slip into her brown boots. For accessories she wears a band around her fore arm.
class: noble
pets if your character has one: none
other: 2 lil siblings
hampir setahun yang lalu zanhar1 said…
hampir setahun yang lalu samoangirl96 said…
sorry i really suck at descriptions on clothing. it took me like an hour just to explain the regular clothing. sorry if it got too confusing. hehe
hampir setahun yang lalu zukosbiggestfan said…

Characters name:Emma ( unknown last name)
Were you live: With mom in the south pole. by her self or zuko
or other no where she travels to find a good bending teacher.
Element: Fire
Personality: to strangers she is shy but confident. The more you kno her the more confident she has a good sence of humor and is caring passionate ect.
Look: gold eyes brown/blond hair either in a pony tail or straight ( in south pole ) her blue dress( Like kataras) with white stripes on shoulders and one goes down at an angle ( with zuko or some others ) either a fire nation soilder outfit or a black and red tank top with short black and pink short shorts. ( in front of others) a earth kingdome outfit that is green or light brown torn and dirty ( she is a traveler) or a black/red outfit exactly like Ty lees but has a firenation symbol on it in the center
Class(royal noble pesent): nomad ( I think)
Pets: an ostrech horse named sasena
Other: she is a fire bender in a town of water benders she meets zuko jet even the kid lee from the episode zuko alone after leaving zuko two years later after being taught by dragons teacher the true meNingnof fire bending zuko and Emma meet up in jail and endS up being in a relation ship with him she ends up marring zuko and is the fire lady
and Emma befriends Ty lee not Mai for Ovbious reasons

I am making an artical about it soon
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hampir setahun yang lalu samoangirl96 said…
big smile
hampir setahun yang lalu lepetitsouris said…
Is that spot active? Oh watever...

Name: April
Place: She travels a lot
Element: Water
Personality: She's mysterious and takes a while to become friends with people. She's very intelligent and conniving. However, she is a good friend to the people she likes. She has a lot of perserverence and is very driven.
Look: She's a sixteen year old girl and has Katara's body shape. Her eyes are a gold amber color. She has long black hair that she puts into a messy bun. She wears an outfit that looks like Jun's except it is dark green and black. Her only item of jewelry is a gold thread bracelet.
Class: nomad ? but was once a noble
Pets: none
Other: April was born a water bender like her mother although her father was a firebender. She was a Fire Nation noble; her father was a good man and rebelled against Ozai and ended up killed when she was very young. A month later her mother died of sickness; causing her to become more resolute. She found Jet and became a freedom fighter (she kept her bending and fire nation past a secret) but abandoned the group because she wasnt content. She befriended Jun and Azula but lost contact with both. April studied under Hama and became a powerful blood bender; using her power for her own selfish reasons.

Sorry it's long haha
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hampir setahun yang lalu zanhar1 said…
I started the roleplay