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This Avatar The Last Airbender seni peminat contains anime, komik, manga, kartun, and buku komik. There might also be peti sejuk elektrik, peti sejuk, and elektrik-peti sejuk.

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everyone is so pro zuko. and even though he helps aang lots of times and saves many lives. i Lost most of my respect wen he Ciuman katara. and to tell the truth i was scared they would end up together because katara once told she would end up with a powerfull bender and zuko is pretty powerful.he even tried suducing katara sejak telling her sad stories about his life and getting in the way of a lighting attack from azula to save katara. what a chop... he already has a girl back utama who throws needles at people.

the only thing i feel sorry for zuko is that his fathers a bastard and im sorry his mother disappeared.

its a good thing zuko stop being so angry all the time. he was really pising me off. i never knew what he wanted. so welcome to the light zuko.

even though aang is younge and kitara is obviously lebih mature, im glad they ended up together. like wow.
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Hey, guys; sorry about the long wait! This is a sequel to The Moments Ahead. Hope anda like it!

It was a cool night just outside of Ba Sing Se. Aang and his Friends were camping outside the walls, under the stars.
"Ahh!" Aang let out a short scream as he shot up from his sleeping bag.
"Aang...nightmare...Katara...fix it..." Sokka murmured sleepily from his tent.
Katara sat up and sighed. "I'm going..." She and Aang weren't in tents; they insisted they sleep outside.
Katara walked over to Aang. She knelt seterusnya to him. "Are anda okay?"
"N-no," he whimpered, still scared. "But I will be...go back...
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Avatar the last airbender
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The lebih days that passed, the wearier Azula grew. She was tired of long flights on Appa listening to the Water Tribe siblings bicker. She was tired of setting up camp on chilly nights. And of finding some angkasa to sleep that provided enough distance from the gang. But that always left her a distance from the api, kebakaran and heaven forbid she tried to start her own.

She was tired of sleeping cold.

Most of all she was tired of trying to sleep with her mother talking so loudly in her ear.

Azula folded her arms over her chest, waiting for the Avatar and his Friends to mount Appa. She huffed in disgust....
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Chapter one

It is dark out now.

Azula,Ty lee and Mai arrived to the cabin.

Azula look berkata Ty lee. Azula turned hers head up and saw a warewolf jump off the kabin roof at them. Azula fired hers blue api, kebakaran at it and sent it flying.

Ty lee saw another one and she punched it until it ran off. Mai saw another one and thew her knives it it and made it bleed. take that mai berkata as she turned around and saw a warewolfe right behind her. The warewolf is tunjuk teeth at Mai.

Mai screamed Ty lee and Azula. They ran to help Mai. Ty lee did a flip into the pokok hopeing to do a sneak atack. Azula ran towards...
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