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This Avatar The Last Airbender foto might contain anime, komik, manga, kartun, and buku komik.

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5. Sokka
Mai used to be on this rank. But now I hate her so I put Sokka here XD Sokka is a really funny character. He can crack a joke even at the worst moments. Besides being funny, Sokka is pretty Brave and fun to hang around with. I have many other reasons but I think this is enough.

 5. Sokka ♥
5. Sokka ♥

4. Toph
From the moment I saw Toph, I knew that she'd be a great character. And now, she's in my bahagian, atas five! The thing I Cinta most about Toph is how she always calls Aang nicknames like 'Twinkletoes'. She even calls him that when they became grown-ups XD Toph is also strong, Brave and funny. I know...
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