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No sooner had he thrown the first api, kebakaran ball was he tossed to the dirt outside. They had him hugely outnumbered, he couldn't have possibly won. At least that's the excuse he made for himself. Truth be told, the days attending political meetings and signing peace treaties had him pretty out of shape where bending was concerned. It didn't help that there was a chi blocker in the equation.

And so he found himself laying there face down on the ground—unable to pick himself up.

His nose crinkled up as a cricketspider tiptoed its way through the grass. If he could flinch he certainly would. Cricketspiders...
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She woke with a start. The door slammed against the padded wall.

Azula’s head was pounding horrendously. She heaved herself up, the effort staining her abdomen. She was still feeling rather groggy. Super weak and super tired. Between the lack of Makanan and the crushing weight of the straitjacket her stomach was aching. A soft fuzz hummed softly in her ear. The linger of delirium.

Tang-Shin began their morning ritual; stirring a slushy herbal mix. It wasn’t like her old medication, but he said…he insisted that the two remedies did the same thing. He withdrew the spoon from the chunky mooch....
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