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avengers - earth's mightiest Heroes
posted by Takuya
Thor is one of my kegemaran superheroes and iam a peminat of the original myths too so here is my hopes for this newest version.

This is what i hope will happen:
Thor is so powerful that most Marvel villains have 0% chance of ever defeating him, therefore i hope that they find a way to use him in the stories and that they find a way to allow him to use full force.

My Opinion
Like i berkata earlier Thor is one of my many Kegemaran and this version is great, he has a very intresting "confusion" over humanity and is very curious about the human Jane Foster´s work since she is risking her life to save people even thou she don´t have any superpowers.

Another great thing is his very funny dialogue in episode 10 when he is partnered with Wasp.

There i hope anda have enjoyed this.

Avengers Assemble!