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This Avril Lavigne kertas dinding might contain bikini, dua keping baju renang, saman mandi, sepotong dua baju renang, and mandi.

posted by viju
 Real smoky eyes
Real smoky eyes
According to a blog for women named - "All women stalk"...Avril is the Queen of smoky eyes. They made a survey on bahagian, atas 10 smoky eyes.

#10 Katherine Heigl-
Absolutely Charming!

#9 Eva Longoria-
Smoking Hot “Housewife”!

#8 Fergie-
One and Only!

#7 Keira Knightley-
British Beauty!

#6 Scarlett Johansson-
Hot, Hot, Hot!

#5 Jessica Alba-
Oh so cute!

#4 Natalie Portman-
Classic Beauty!

#3 Alicia Keys-
Everyone’s Favorite!

#2 Beyonce Knowles-
Incomparable Diva!


At the end we all agree that the 1st place should belong to the Queen of Smoky Eyes – Avril Lavigne – the girl who made smoky eye her famous signature look. She has the most beautiful and sophisticated smoky eyes!
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