Rei ​Hino is one of the original five Sailor Senshi and one of the Princess's four guardians.

She has two pet crows named Phobos and Deimos who, in the manga, are her guardians. Despite being a miko, she attends a Catholic high school. She is portrayed as being very popular and well liked in school, despite her temper. Rei's personality is different in the Manga where she is lebih serious and she does not trust men. Except that, she easily captivates those who see her and has many admirers.

In the manga, Rei is a somewhat snotty but sophisticated Shinto priestess. She is hesitant at first to accept her role as a sailor soldier but fights loyally alongside the soldiers to protect her princess and Earth. She is the ideal Japanese woman - beautiful, intelligent and reserved. Her personality in the Manga differs much from the anime; she does not have the temper her Anime self has.

In the manga, she is close to Minako Aino moreso than in the anime

In the anime, Rei is lebih hot-tempered and less icy. She fights with Usagi Tsukino a lot because she worries for her safety and that of the planet they are sworn to protect. Rei often disapproves of Usagi's slacker attitude. Later, Rei admits herself that she was wrong about Usagi as a Sailor Senshi Leader. Despite their fights, they are extremely close Friends who Cinta each other dearly. She lives with her grandfather at Hikawa Shrine. She is not only hot-headed but is skilled in the art of api, kebakaran reading, and has prophetic dreams.

Mars Power, Make Up! - She used her Transformation pen (A bracelet in PGSM) to transform into her first Senshi uniform.
Mars bintang Power, Make Up! - Used her bintang Power Stick to transform into her first Senshi uniform.
Mars Planet Power, Make Up - Used the planet powers granted to her sejak Neo Queen Serenity to transform into her first Senshi uniform. (Only in the manga)
Mars Crystal Power, Make Up - Used her Crystal Change Rod to transform into her third Senshi uniform. In the manga, she used the Mars Crystal to transform into her saat Senshi uniform and in the stars arc, her third Senshi uniform

Akuryo Taisan: One of Rei's powers as a miko. She threw an ofuda at the enemy while yelling "Akuryo Taisan". It could immbolize the opponent, atau as in the R movie, exorcise enemy influence over a person atau place. In the manga, Sailor Mars caused the the target to be consumed in flames.
Mars Fireball Ignite: Sailor Mars would begin the attack sejak clasping her hands together with her two index fingers pointing outwards. A fireball would form at the tips of her index fingers which she then shot forward, killing atau wounding her enemy sejak engulfing him atau her in flames.
api, kebakaran Soul Bird: To perform this attack, Sailor Mars first chanted while holding an ofuda in front of her, then threw the ofuda and yelled, "Fire Soul Bird" to release a fireball from her index fingers. The api, kebakaran then engulfed the ofuda and took the shape of a phoenix-like bird.
Mars Celestial api, kebakaran Surround: To perform this attack, Sailor Mars moved her hand in a circular motion around her body, creating a ring of fire. The ring then turned into eight smaller rings that flew toward the enemy.
Mars Snake Fire: To perform this attack, she created a snake made of api, kebakaran and sent it toward the enemy.
Mars Flame Sniper: To perform this attack, Sailor Mars summoned a fiery bow and arrow, and then shot the Arrow toward her target.

Sailor Mars - Her dominant color was red (earrings, choker, collar, center of front bow, elbow fittings of gloves, skirt, back waist bow and heels) and her accent color was purple (front bow). Her earrings were five-pointed stars (six-pointed stars in the manga), her kolar had one white stripe (three white stripes in the manga) and she wore red high heels. In the manga, there was a red gem attached to the middle of her belt. Also in the manga, her brooch changed from a bulatan to a hati, tengah-tengah after Sailor Moon first transformed into Super Sailor Moon. In Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, her gloves were longer and her star-shaped earrings only have four points.
Super Sailor Mars - Her earrings were six-pointed stars, her choker had a yellow bintang attached to it (which in the Manga had a red gemstone in the center), her kolar remained at one white stripe, the center of her front bow was a red heart, the bottom of her shoulder pads was translucent, and the back waist bow was enlarged and lengthened.
Eternal Sailor Mars - Her choker was V-shaped and the center of her front bow was a red five-pointed star. Her shoulder pads were large light red puffs with two patches of red fabric attached to the bottom. Her gloves became longer, reaching her upper arms. Her tali pinggang consisted of two ribbons, one red and one light red, with two long, thin back ribbons, clipped together sejak a golden five-pointed star. Her back bow was light red. Her skirt became two-layered, the bahagian, atas layer being red and the bottom layer being light red. Her boots were knee-length and white, and each had a red V-shaped border with a five-pointed bintang at the top. Her tiara gem was a red five-pointed star. Her earrings were red five-pointed stars.

Rei is not named in the original proposal for a hypothetical Codename: Sailor V anime, but an identical character in miko clothing is present, named Miyabi Yoruno. Creator Naoko Takeuchi confirms that this character eventually became Rei, and writes that her role as a shrine maiden was inspired sejak Takeuchi's own experience working as a miko for Shiba Daijongu Shrine while she was in college. She also states that she was frequently "hit on" sejak the shrine's patrons, a sumber of annoyance that carries over into the character's life.

Hikawa Shrine, where Rei lives and works, is based on the real-life Hikawa Shrines, one of which is in Azabu Jūban, where the story is set. The kanji for "ice" in the original name (氷川神社) is replaced with the kanji for "fire"—a reflection of Rei's element.

Sailor Mars's original costume design, like the others', was fully unique. It featured an alternate bow, double shoulder-guards, plate-armor, elaborate jewelry, and a gold-rimmed mask. Her trademark high-heeled shoes were already present, as well. Later, Takeuchi was surprised sejak these sketches and stated that she did not remember drawing them. In an intermediate design, the pendant that sat at her waist in the early Manga was also intended to be worn as a kalung in her civilian form. Hitoshi Doi states that Kunihiko Ikuhara was responsible for much of Rei's changed personality in the anime.

The kanji of Rei's surname translate as "fire" (火 hi) and "field" atau "civilian" (野 no). Her telah diberi name is in kantakana rei (レイ) and therefore difficult to translate. Possible meanings include "spirit" (霊), "companion" (儷), "cool" (冷), and "zero" (零), with the first being most commonly assumed. Because katakana is the alphabet usually used for foreign loanwords, it may also be intended as a Western name, such as Raye atau Rae. In the Chinese versions of the series (anime and manga), Rei's name is written with the character "麗", which carries the same phonetic as "Rei", but means "beauty." Regardless, the entire name is structured as a pun , as the syllable "no" indicates a possesive, so that her name can also be understood as "Rei of Fire." Her prototypical name, Yoruno Miyabi (夜野みやび), means "Elegance of Night." Rei's name (レイ 野の Rei Hino) translated could act as a pun as "Ray of Fire". This would be the most literal translation of her name.

In an early DiC promotional tape that advertised the English-dubbed series to Televisyen stations, Rei was called Dana.

It has been noted that her outfit as Sailor Mars echoes the Warna of her miko robes, and she is the character that is most tied into tradition.

In the anime, Rei is voiced sejak Michie Tomizawa. In the English Dub, she is voiced sejak Katie Griffin and Emilie Claire Barlow. Sandy Howell provides Rei's vocals in English Dub soundtracks.
Pretty Guardian Sailor MoonEdit

Sailor Mars in PGSM
In Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Rei is played sejak Keiko Kitagawa. Haruhi Mizukuro and Akira Tanaka play young Rei in foto-foto and flashbacks.


In the musicals, Rei is played sejak Hiroko Nakayama, Misako Kotani, Asuka Umemiya, Hiromi Sakai, Eri Kanda, Megumi Yoshida,Aiko Kawasaki, and Risa Honma.

Miko are often known for their archery skills. This was reflected in her attack Mars Flame Sniper, in which she summoned forth a bow made of api, kebakaran and shot an Arrow of api, kebakaran at her enemy.
Her civilian first name had the same Japanese pronunciation of a kanji character meaning "spirit" (霊), among others, making her full name a possible pun on a phrase meaning "spirit of fire."
When performing Mars Flame Sniper, Sailor Mars drew the bow with her left hand, implying that Rei was left-handed.
Her school uniform was very stylish and classy among those of the Sailor Senshi, thereby reflecting the elite status of her private missionary school as compared with ordinary municipal schools such as Usagi's and Minako's. Such private schools are also usually expensive, though her schooling was probably financed sejak her politician father. The live-action version of her uniform stayed very true to the prior versions, but her skirt was notably lengthened.
Rei's membership number in the Three Lights peminat Club was 2906.
Both of Rei's relatives who actually appeared in the anime, her grandfather and her cousin Kengo Ibuki, ended up being turned into a monster-of-the-day.
In the Live Action series, Rei is very different. Instead, she dislikes singing, and is very strict as a senshi and as a normal girl.
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