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PrinceNicholes posted on Dec 05, 2012 at 10:13AM
To those who enter: please read the instructions carefully.

Hi, everyone. I'm holding a new contest. I think most of you have played this kind of game with your family or with your friends. This is how you play, first I'll post the name of a character from the Barbie movies. Then you must post another character's name. The ending word of the character's name I posted must be the starting word of the character's name you'll post. For example

Me : Barbie

Fan 1: Elina

Fan 2: Annika

You can't reuse the characters that someone already posted in on week. Well there'll may be times when you can reuse them like when I think there's no left of the characters starting with the letter "A", I'll tell that "The letter "A" can be reused." But you can reuse it for only one time until I think again that there are no characters left starting with that letter or that week is over.

(You can also post the image of your character together with the name)

PS: You can reuse the characters I posted in here
You can also use the names from the Teaser Trailors too

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