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 Barbie And The Sentsations: Rockin Back To Earth
Old Barbie Movie And Final 2-D Movie Of 1987 Before Barbie: Nutcracker Releases On 2001
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This Filem Barbie foto might contain anime, komik, manga, kartun, and buku komik.

I have no balance
not want to fall
talent wanted
would like to escape

Do not take it anymore
withstand this pressure
is a major challenge
control my emotions

It's time to set me free
it just depends on me
if I'll be devoting
at the bahagian, atas of the world
I'll see where everything up close
almost able to touch the sky

At the bahagian, atas of the world
dreams come to me
have wings to fly
at the bahagian, atas of the world
(At the bahagian, atas of the world)

I will not discourage
I'll do it right
even though I try
I hit one hour

Nothing is easy
seek the solution
but do not think about defeat
because my hati, tengah-tengah is strong

It's time to set me free
it just depends...
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The video will be telah diposkan sejak me when I'll have the DVD, so maybe on 6th atau 7th October... But first, hope anda like this translation...


Call her princess
The crown isn't needed
Call her princess
You'll recognize her

You can understand it from her style
From the smile that she has
From the things she can say
From how she'll have her hair

She spins...

Call her princess
The crown isn't needed
Call her princess
You'll recognize her

She has style
And she's always active
And even if she trips over
Laughing she's stand up

Call her princess
The crown isn't...
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This is for corinne17 aka Miss Adri too...
Hope anda all like it, BTW!


Life is a long journey that will surprise you
With a thousand adventures to face
I swear, I'll never surrender
I'll throw myself fast in it
And I know that I won't be alone anymore
If I think about you
And about the strenght that anda give me

We are united (United...)
Connected (Connected...)
I feel anda here with me even if you're not
I know that (I know that...)
You think about me (You think about me...)
And all will resolve this way
No, nothing will never
Nothing will never
Nothing can divide...
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Lena_t asked me to post this...

Your life is a miracle
That has to be shared with who
With the Cinta will heat your hati, tengah-tengah up
And whoever you'll receive
Will transform in wealth
Every instant of joy and sorrow

anda know, Cinta grows always more
Open your heart, try it
Magic: the lebih anda give yourself and the lebih anda receive
lebih Cinta anda give, lebih it returns to you
anda are my Tika, I am your Ro
Always, forever, wherever I go...
If this Cinta grows always more
Open your heart, anda too
anda too

Vi asked me to translate it long time ago...


Just a hari for myself
In the life I'd like
Free from every duty without compulsions
No lesson, lunches atau dinners
Without notebook to follow
No one that has to tell me what I can do...
That's my day...

Just a hari for myself
In the life I'd like
Without working the moment I wake up
No hems to sew
Or the sleeves to make
No wedding dresses to finish
Nothing to pay...

How could it be?
How could it be?

Free to try
Free from my duties
Free to fly
Free to sing
And choose who to love...

If anda think I am
That lucky, anda know
It's not the money...
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posted by LeiaAmidala2000
As anda all may know, Mattel fired Kelly Sheridan. This has made tons of people mad and protest. Kelly recently telah diposkan this statement on her Facebook page:

"I'm hearing very interesting things from the powers that be. There is some reconsidering going on. peminat-peminat are making their opinions known. Kind of amazing."

Will they re-hire Kelly? Will they reconsider the 'modern' movies? What are your opinions?

I think that Mattel should listen to their fans. We have, for a while now, been protesting the new voice and the modern stuff. I personally don't like this 'new image' they have been going for. If I wanted that kind of stuff, I'd go watch, play, and collect Bratz.

-Leia <3

I found this out at: link
posted by warior_princess
the idea of making the doll Barbie appears in 1909
and this happened when the lady (Roth handler) notes her little daughter Barbra plays with her paper anak patung and she was not end at play only with theses anak patung but she created from her mind and inspiration stories and situation and acts it with her doll
so her mother assured from that the little girls need to a doll with particular qualification
in order to play with it
and not like the anak patung that were found in the markets in that time
indeed the dream of Roth is achieved and the doll Barbie appears and take her name from the name of Barbra the name of Roth daughter and the doll received a global fame
when she reached to 35 years they make for her site on INTERNET
in addition to that they make for her Filem and games and magazine
posted by rupsa
Ruth Handler watched her daughter Barbara at play with paper dolls, and noticed that she often enjoyedgiving them adult roles. At the time, most children's toy anak patung were representations of infants. Realizing that there could be a gap in the market, Handler suggested the idea of an adult-bodied doll to her husband Elliot, a co-founder of the Mattel toy company. He was unenthusiastic about the idea, as were Mattel's directors.

During a trip to Eropah in 1956 with her children Barbara and Kenneth, Ruth Handler came across German toy doll called Bild Lilli.[1] The adult-figured doll was exactly...
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No joke, this time! And I uploaded this! Image credit: BarbieRosella
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on bahagian, atas of the world
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