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 Alexa kertas dinding
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kertas dinding
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This Filem Barbie kertas dinding contains potret, headshot, closeup, and headshot closeup. There might also be sejambak, korsase, karangan bunga, seikat bunga, american express, posy, and nosegay.

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The film opens with Madame Natasha overseeing the dancers's warm-up session, and critiquing the children's number. Kristyn and Hailey are backstage talking when Tara and Dillon perform their Pas de Deux. Kristyn's solo begins and she dances flawlessly, but soon the Muzik overtakes her and she begins to improvise new choreography. Madame Natasha chastises her, causing Kristyn to fall and rip her shoes, and warns her not to deviate when the international ballet scouts come. Kristyn and Hailey leave to get a new pair of shoes, while Tara's father tries to convince Madame to let his daughter...
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Source: saat trailer of FS; thanks to Lyssita for the link!
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Since the lyrics were changed very much on Italian, this is the translation ;)


I don't have balance anymore
I believe I'll fall
I'd like lebih talent
It's not my world, I know...

I feel the pressure
It comes into me
I've never thought
I could resist but...

I wanna try because
If everything depends on me
And at the end I'll do it

On the world I'll be
And under me I'll see everything
And the sky I'll touch
On the world I'll be
There where my dreams come to life
With the wings I'll fly
On the world I'll be
On the world I'll be...

Nothing can stop me
I'll do it
If even a...
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I found's pretty cool isn't it? but they don't seem as good as Pixar atau Dreamworks...
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