Barbie Princess and the Pauper What are some ideas for a sequel(or prequel!) for Princess and the Pauper?

barbiegirl2435 posted on Jun 10, 2010 at 02:35AM
Sequel Idea: Preminger escapes jail, or he has a son that seeks revenge against Anneliese and Erika, the girls switch places, something happens to Dominick...(Anneliese and Julian finally sing a song together!)

Prequel idea: How did the king die, how did Preminger(a peasent's son) get to be the Queen's advisor, how did Anneliese and Julian meet, what happened to Erika's parents, what happend to Dominick's parents, when Anneliese and Julian fell in love was it love at first sight, or did thier love gradually grow and become stronger?

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hampir setahun yang lalu Lorinna said…
Cool ideas!
I have some ideas too. Preminger escapes from a prison and appeals to his friend, bad wizard. Preminger wants, so this wizard concluded Anneliese in the music box. Wizard appears in the palace, but instead of Anneliese concludes Erika in a music box. Dominic, Anneliese and Julian searching tool, which can release Erika ...
The idea of a prequel is also good. But ... I cannot write the prequels, so I'll wait for other ideas.
hampir setahun yang lalu zanesaaomgfan said…
Well I think both of you have great ideas! My idea is that:
-Preminger escapes jail
-Wolfie or Sarafina gets sick
-Julian finds out about the escape
-Preminger hires someone to kidnap either Erika or Annaliese
-Julian is about to inform the girls when HE gets kidnapped
-Dominick tries to find Julian when HE gets kidnapped aswell
-Erika and Anneliese wonder where they are
-Erika has a serceret and she wants to tell Dominick first
-Annaliese and Erika have their first arguement
-Erika walks off and gets hurt herself
-Then its up to Annaliese to find the three before Preminger gets to her.

Meh, I write fanfiction, I have dreams and ideas.
hampir setahun yang lalu JayIsAwesome said…
YES! Write it PLEASE!!!!! It sounds so good!
hampir setahun yang lalu barbiegirl2435 said…
big smile
What Jay said! Write it please!