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posted by top-scorer
derby Lost again to blackburn rovers last week with goals from roque santa cruz benni mcarthy and matt oakley despite taking the lead early in the first half the rams came to lose 2-1 the rams captain matt oakley admitted "if we dont win we will be relagated" and they Lost it so is derbys premier legue status about to run outinto championship staus the rams need a miracle to stay up now probably one beyond way beyond god capabillty but its not them who are struggling if derby are down whos joing them?
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posted by top-scorer
in the news today alex ferguson was interviwed and told that some teams were willing to pay 75m for the services of ronaldo alex berkata he doesnt care how much hes worth he just cares that he carrys on playing for man united and written on ronaldhinos cotract (according to match magazine) it says teams will have to pay 100m just to get him but is ronaldhino atau ronaldo acttually worth this much ronaldo was bought for 12.12m if he is worth 75m we could see 1 of the biggest profets ever seen in the footballing world please post your komen-komen